Penwith coastal in Cornwall GB.

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Cornwall coastal at Penwith.

In coastal Penwith of Cornwall GB we possess some absolute treasures. Historic mines where copper and tin was mined by whole families.

Greetings from coastal Levant Mine Penwith Cornwall Great Britain with a Cornish flag in the background. National Trust have their cafe and offices just here. Alvajoan on tour in Cornwall.

Scenic views used for dramas like Poldark on TV. A horizon that is often hazy between sea and sky. When the horizon is clear, one can as a result see the Isles of Scillies in the distance from the Cape Cornwall area.

On the edge of coastal Cornish Penwith off Levant and Geevor mines I found this sextagram of darker and white stones. Rituals are performed at all sorts of places around Kernow, many from ancient Celtic traditions. Tour Cornwall and experience the local folklore, traditions and myths with Alvajoan.

In photo there can also be seen a sextagram possibly used by the Cornish Gorsedh for their activities. A bit further along the path at Levant Mine, I found remains of the old arsenic works. Moreover, this area can be fully visited on our West Cornwall Tour.

Arsenice works were all part of the job with tin mining and at Levant these are still in evidence as can be seen here. Cultural, historical, Poldark oriented and much more can be the theme fro Your Tours in Kernow with Alvajoan. Your choices are our services!

Amazingly the old grinding wheels that used to churn the mined treasures certainly look grooved even today.

The stones in this old workplace at Levant mine are ground with the workload it used to perform. Look closely and you can see how these boulders and large stones were marked with the effort of Cornish mining. Day trips in West Cornwall with Alvajoan can show there to You in personal private Tours by Alvajoan.

The whole coastline here is full of former mines and where Levant finishes, Geevor starts. This stream shows some great oxidisation from the copper in the ground.

Oxidised copper where the stream has persisted through the rocks and down to the sea at coast part of Geevor mine in Penwith, Cornwall. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Peering along the coast line a little further along and bright white we find Pendeen Lighthouse beaming in the sunshine.

Cracking view from Levant mine area to Pendeen Lighthouse standing gleaming white in the distance along the coast of Penwith. Sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Watching the waves pounding into the rocks or shoreline can be quite therapeutic and relaxing. A recent video clip on our Facebook page seem to have caused a lot of interest. The little dog on the sandy beach playing so happily. We all want to join in with that one!

Have Your own Day Trip Sightseeing.

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We aim to delight You from first contact to end of Your personal private Tours with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Our partner in Cornwall Tours, Dacey’s Cornish Tours, have just won an award by Lux Life Magazine.

Enjoy yourself, stay healthy and happy.

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