Penrose Feb 2020.

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Penrose Feb 2020.

Penrose Feb 2020 – this estate is looking absolutely charming in sunshine. Walking the dog for miles along the paths was a visionary delight. Recent storms had left a great surplus of water everywhere and the woodlands looked tropical. Paths were a little muddy but easily passable.

Penrose est. 2020 paths were a little muddy after recent storms but the woodlands were indeed stood in water.

At one point there was a sign saying ‘alternative path‘ and this path was simply not there. Totally waterlogged. At one stage a duck swum past in the ‘alternative path’. This was amusing! I have put a link to FB post with video of this marvel. As we made our way into this large estate there were several areas that appeared waterlogged beyond normal.

Penrose estate wet lands thoroughly soaked in latest storms.

In some of these water-areas however there were water flora beginning to flourish too. In different lights, the colours look so different.

Penrose estate near Helston has extensive ancient woodlands, currently rather wet!

These trees have been around here for a long long time. Overgrown with mosses and lichens making the colourscheme fabulous. On top of some waters were an abundance of greenery. A dog we met thought it was grass and jumped in. As a result he was very surprised when he got drenched in wet!

Penrose est. 2020 looking nearly tropical with recent rains and current water levels. AbFab.

We have had half-term break this week gone so a lot of children were out walking, cycling and on other mobility aids. So nice to see so many people out and about when weather is good. I can get out when it is raining too. That is to say: no bad weather – just bad clothes!

As I walk along, I come across Penrose House where in buildings nearby, the National Trust have set up a cafe. Great idea as by now I am parched. Great cinnamon buns there too! I shall return with more about this great estate that had a surprise in 2019.

Crazy Campers.

If you have a Crazy Camper, do get in touch. We certainly love these non-conventional campers! This is ‘Nippy’. She is nothing like … hehehe

This is Nippy - affectionately named so after her reg - a most brick-like build ever made. She charms everyone she meets and puts smiles on faces. Alvajoan crazy campers.

Until next time – keep well, happy, healthy and safe.



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