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Palettes of autumn.

Palettes in Helston around the Coronation Lake are stunning in the autumn. I often take our dog for a walk around the Coronation Boating Lake in Helston. Most of the natural moisture seem to stay in the lake and my feet somewhat dry. All around the lake, there are trees showing off the sparkly autumn colours.

Palette of autumn colours in trees above a woodne bench for easy admiring of the scenery. Alvajoan in nature

As we wander around the lake, there are wooden benches for comfort stops to take in the scenery. Regular bins for dog poops make the area pleasant to walk around for everyone. Should the rain become overwhelming, there are also some shelters on the way around. In good weather, people often use this area for exercises. Separate cycle lanes are now available too.

Ancient lichen covered tree in front of the green/yellow/orange melded palette we know as autumn. Alvajoan in admiration.

Some ancient trees are covered in lichens and bare already. Right behind this one, however, the yellows, greens and oranges meld beautifully. Mesmerised by natures palettes, I find myself taking loads of photos trying to capture the drama of autumn. So, what is the best thing about autumn and winter? If You have thoughts on this – put a note to me and we’ll chat!

Palettes are striking and following Guy Fawkes, decorations are still in place competing with nature for beigng most colourful. Admire the 'fire' in the tree behind! Alvajoan on nature trails.

Decorations from Guy Fawkes celebrations are still up and competing with nature in colours. Certainly, I think the ‘fire’ tree in the background wins hands down …

And then a cuppa …

For instance, at one end of the boating lake there is a cafe which is open all year around. Not a lot of pedaloes using the lake at the moment but visitors to the amenities and for a cuppa. From afar, it look amazing with green grass all over the rounded roof, like a aeroplane hangar.

Local cafe hides under the grass covered building in the distance. Cuppa with a view from there. Alvajoan in Helston

Across the lake, a great variety of birds feed, play and live. In the middle pampas grass stand high and majestic. Even on a cloudy wet overcast day it cheers me up taking a walk here.

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