Olympic torch relay in Newlyn 2012.

2012 torch relay for London Olympics.

It is amazingly 6 years ago since we watched the Olympic torch relay go through Newlyn West Cornwall. Crowds had gathered by the droves with banners flags and good moods. Celebrations went on along roads with long tables and goodies put together by communities unable to come and see the relay. Goodwill to everyone appeared to be the consensus for the time. Before the runner appeared, many sponsor vehicles came past. To be sure, a huge amount of volunteers and policing was used to keep everything under control. Local walking ‘bobbies’ were not unusual.

20th May 2012 local 'bobby' patrolling at Newlyn bridge for Olympic torch relay going through on it's way to London Olympic Games. In the crowds people waving GB and Cornish flags. On day trip sightseeing with Alvajoan we caught the scene.

The torch set off from Land’s End in Cornwall GB and came through Newlyn where I caught these glimpses.

The man of the moment is a jogger in Olympic logo white suit carrying the burning Olympic torch with a great smile on his face cheered on by the gathered crowds along the route. Tour with Alvajoan and catch the moments.

Today is exactly 6 years and one day since this event. Do You remember it? Did you celebrate?

Alvajoan of Cornwall.

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Minicoach for up to 16 passengers with luggage trailer for comfortable travelling with Alvajoan of Cornwall. We use this set up with Dacey's Cornish Tours successfully multiple times every year. Small group tours to Your specifications is Our speciality.

Lately, we have had some beautiful weather and I could not resist a sunset cloud porn photo to finish with.

Sunset cloud porn in West Cornwall with sun colouring the clouds into mother of pearl colours as seen on day tour with Alvajoan.


Be back soon with more on Cornwall UK GB where d’reckly is alive and well!

Jim & Ann @ Alvajoan of Cornwall, part of The Classexe Group

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