New Year’s Eve at Cape Cornwall UK.

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Fantastic views at Cape Cornwall UK.

Whilst out and about on New Year’s Eve 2017, we passed Cape Cornwall UK where storm Dylan battered the coastline. The waves spray and froth created by ‘mother nature’ was awesome to watch and explain our fractured coastlines. I got some photos …

Courtesy Alvajoan Cape Cornwall seen from Carn Glooze with froth surrounding the coastline owing to stor Dylan sweeping in over Great Britain and Cornwall UK

whilst we were walking down toward Cape Cornwall from Carn Glooze. Ballowall Barrow is an ancient burial site nearby Cape Cornwall.

Courtesy Alvajoan on New Year's Eve at Cape Cornwall UK where storm Dylan battered the coastline creating modest waves and a lot of froth with spectacular views

Our Cape in Cornwall is one of only two in the UK, the other one being in Scotland and called Cape Wrath. When storms rage it is serious viewing here and along the Cornwall coastline, especially the north side.

Courtesy Alvajoan En route to Cape Cornwall along coastal path one gets a sensation of how large the waves were at times being driven in onto the coast by storm Dylan on New Year's Eve of 2017 with a bit of the Heinz memorial statue at the back on the hill

When we returned uphill to go home the wind was so strong it felt like we travelled twice the distance.

Courtesy Alvajoan New Year's Eve at Cape Cornwall UK admiring the strength of mother nature in the form of storm Dylan wreaking havoc in the local waters with turquoise waves and masses of froth all round. Rugged Cornwall UK does it again - looking GORGEOUS!

This nice walk to reduce some of the Christmas belly certainly blew the cobwebs off ! Luckily I had a brand new scarf and gloves just in time for this ‘promenade’ 🙂

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