Nebra Sky Disc.

Nebra Sky Disc with Cornish connection.

Nebra Sky Disc is an ancient artefact currently residing in Halle State Museum Germany. So how is this of interest to Cornwall I hear you ask.

Ancient Sky disc of Nebra has been identified as having Cornish gold in the ornamental pictures on a turquoise background. This dates back over 3500 year and currently lives at Halle state museum in Germany. On tours with Alvajoan you discover interesting tradition and local facts about Cornwall and more ...

Through modern sciences, the gold used in this sky portrait dating over 3500 years, was identified as supplied from CORNWALL GB. Tin metal in the bronze is also Cornish. More about this fantastic item in the link above.

Day trip to Penberth Cove.

Mid-March is exciting in Cornwall with so many plants, bushes and trees are making themselves known. Firstly, young green shoots allround!

Gunnera flowering and growing well at Penberth River in Kernow over weekend mid-March 2019. They will grow over 8 foot tall during the summer. Nature in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

We took a day trip to Penberth Cove and enjoyed sunshine, blue skies and wonderful views. Penberth River was speedily gushing down to the cove and the sea as can be admired in photo below. A short film on FB in the link for your perusal and pleasure.

A roaring Penbert river on it's way to the sea at Penberth Cove in Cornwall GB. Wonderful sunny day with fluffy white clouds in the blue sky over the multi blue and turqouise coloured waters of the Celtic Sea. Sightseeing with Alvajoan aound Kernow is a treat.

Peace and quiet in short was the feeling, walking around and taking in the beauty of this place. Many choose not to come here as you have to park a bit of a way from the cove. Certainly a big mistake! There are toilets here for convenience and unspoiled views. With dogs, you can walk around in a loop and avoid the fish landing area. Penberth still supports a small fishing fleet. In the summer it gets very busy with parked vehicles as a lot of accommodations are occupied. Unusual these days, there is also a public telephone box en route from car park to the cove. I do think this is mainly owing to mobile / cell signals being very poor here. Certainly, this can be seen as a ‘blessing’ by some these days.

Day trips sightseeing and tours.

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