Nature thrives.

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Nature thrives in West Cornwall.

Nature thrives as a result of us primarily locking down in West Cornwall. Colours are coming and going. Birds are serenading us from early hours enjoying the clean air! As I walked the dog locally around a pond, this beautiful swan was curious. Moreover, it was followed by a flock of smaller birds.

Swan and flock of smaller birds reflecting in the calm pond waters near Penzance seafron and promenade when I walked my dog there recently. Birds appear to be thriving with the better air quality through our enforced lockdown! They certainly serenade us early in the mornings now.

As the swan stood up to give itself a good grooming, the little birds looked forlorn and lost. However, I think they started admiring their reflections in the calm pond waters.

Nature thrives; A couple of white small clouds on a blue sky in the distance with a great pond showcasing nature and birdlife close-up. The swan is very curious and often comes for a 'chat' as I walk the dog around. This day it was 'tailed' by smaller flock and looking beautiful. West Cornwall and wildlife seem to be thriving with our lockdown.

From the Newlyn hills I have a superb view over Mounts Bay. I am lucky to catch some super sights regularly. Often they go on FB. Have a look!A beutiful white swan grooming itself and looking proud!

Our cherry tree is flowering in the back garden. Hawthorn hedges are flowering along the roadsides. Daffodils are dying down and bluebells are flowering with wild garlic. A local pear tree displayed some super flowers too and I couldn’t resist taking a pic. Above all, I get to enjoy all the beauty of spring!

Local flowering pear tree. Yum! Can't wait to see and eat them again!

In gardens.

There are some superb tulips providing bright colours around our area. So here is a couple I found.

Colourful splendid spring tulips painting my days ...

In another garden I found some wonderful purple/pink heather flowering away merrily. I just let it all seep into my system and refresh me.

Nature thrives; Wonderful lot of pink/purple heather simply glows with colour in the spring sunshine here in Cornwall UK.

So, after drawing a sigh of relief at feeling healthy and good, I joined a local supermarket as a key worker to do my bit in the fight against the dreaded corona virus. If you can’t beat it – join it! It is a pleasure to put a smile on customers faces as they visit to do a chore that is dangerous these days. We are not a patch on the NHS but really want to do our bit to help.

Keep your distance!           Wash your hands!          Stay home unless necessary to go out!          Stay happy!               Help thy neighbour!

If you want to get in touch with us at Alvajoan, comment in the box and we will get back to you!

Until next blog time – KEEP SAFE AND HEALTHY!

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