Naturally Cornwall UK.

Naturally Cornwall UK.

Naturally Cornwall UK, or Kernow as we know it, is having beautiful displays of late. On a summer’s day stroll along Penzance’s old Victorian promenade, I found these electric blue flowers. Stunning in colour with icicle patterns.

Naturally Conrwall UK: Electric blue flowers found along Penzance Victorian Promenade on a walk last week. Patterns look like icicles. Stunning!

Holiday makers have arrived in Cornwall and it is nice to see some social life again. Of course with social distancing being observed. Still, I don’t think the numbers are anything like we have had in the past. Foreign visitors appear less. Face-masks are a must now and probably owing to this, the amount of online ordering for collection / delivery has multiplied!

Pastel pink and blue tones in this wonderful hydrangea flower is breathtaking. The veins in the pink leaves make this flower amazing and the tiny pale blue centre flowers just sets the tones off together amazingly.

Hydrangeas are now showing off their extensive and varied colour varieties all round. The pastel pink and pale blue in my photo just happen to draw my attention. Veins in the larger pink leaves make this plant look pulsatingly ALIVE!

Multitone purple poppy is eye-catching and provide a sight for sore eyes. Naturally Cornwall UK beauty!

As work to ‘prettify’ our Victorian Promenade at Penzance grinds along, we find ourselves meeting on narrower pavements. There, of course, trying to keep our social distance is more challenging. We were supposed to host the start of a large competition this autumn BUT if has been cancelled! A short snippet filmed from our Prom a few months ago available on link above.

Naturally Cornwall UK: Agapanthus. With intense blue flowers that form a great big ball when all flowering in unison - what a ball!

Recognizeable anywhere – the agapanthus. This one in intense blue and not fully opened up yet. So gorgeous to see!

The Classexe Group.

You can see from frontpage of our website that we are part of The Classexe Group. Alvajoan of Cornwall was our trading name for the travel industry we were involved with. But as touring and travel has now been retired, we shall over a period of time remove our Alvajoan presence. This will include social media and our website. Keep updated with our blog until we wave byebye.

From us all to All of You – Have a super Holiday!

Keep happy, well and safe!



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