Native in Kernow.

Native in Kernow.

Native in Kernow / Cornwall is good and bad right now. So many businesses relying on tourism but find it hard to make ends meet and worry about survival. Challenges face our native tribe on a daily basis. Those who were fortunate and could, got other work to provide a household income. The further into the lockdown we get, the more desperate people become. I find peace in taking our dog for long walks, giving us both exercise and enjoying nature.

Native bluebells flowering in their most superb colours in Newlyn right now. We are just awaiting the fields of them :)

Native bluebells are flowering all around by now and provide such a wonderful dash of colour. As we strolled along the gardens by Penzance prom / Wherrytown / Newlyn, we saw a fishing boat arrive at Newlyn. This most wonderful sight included the boat being followed by seagulls. Wonder if they will attack us for chips after lockdown eases off? During the storms, no fishing took place. Lots of sales were for export which at the moment is NOT happening. So, most importantly if You can help our fishermen – then BUY LOCAL!

Native Newlyn fishing boat arriving back to harbour followed by traditional seagulls ...

Good and bad.

At my temporary place of work, a young man tried to steal 3 bottles of booze. When he got caught, the result is the rest of his life is now marred. Again, the longer the lockdown goes on, the more desperate people can get. On the opposite side of the coin, we get some very happy shoppers. One such lady brought me bunches of flowers. It so cheered me up! Primarily as I did not expect it!

Wonderful bunches of flowers in white pink purple and yellow tones from a happy native shopper. LOVE IT!

Wherrytown bowling green looked as if it had been combed and in line with St Michael’s Mount in the bay too. There are some cracking photos on my FB page. Meanwhile, on fine days, the sunrises and sunsets creates beautiful skies. Subsequently, in between, we water the lawn with the common rain.

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