Mounts Bay Kernow GB.

Mounts Bay UK.

Mounts Bay in Cornwall of the UK provides superb shelter in storms for seafarers of every kind. We have had oil-platforms taking a break from a long journey here. It did surprise everyone as rumours spread they were going to drill for oil! Outcry, I think was a good description.  Falmouth harbour, the largest natural harbour in Europe and reputedly 3rd largest in the world, lies around the corner. A lot of commercial boat traffic comes past here. In Newlyn there is one of Britains remaining working fishing fleet. Sailors moor in local marinas around the bay and people in general enjoy a healthy amount of water sports here. Our little bay is quite something!

View over Mounts Bay at Penzance end from Newlyn with the Jubilee Pool in the distance. Shelter for water people of all kinds, fishermen; sailors, surfers, boarders, visitors :) Splendid place in Kernow with sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and charm.

In the photo, taken from Newlyn, you can see the Jubilee outdoor pool in the distance. This pool was supposed to be geothermally heated from 2019 but …still a nice visit for a swim.

We often take a walk up with the dog in the hills of Newlyn and overlook Mounts Bay. Certainly wonderful colourful terrific views from up here.

Red kelpi on the grassy ground with sunrays lighting up the trees in the background. Great day for a walk.

In the fields leading towards Paul and Mousehole, there are still stiles for access in places. These are smaller than others I have seen, a reflection on the field sizes here perhaps.

Local stile between farm fields in Newlyn, smaller than other I know of - possibly a reflection of field sizes here. Eases rambling!

It is surprisingly quickly overgrown if not used regularly. Our mild climate in Cornwall lends itself to growth and greenery. We were classed as Subtropical by Exeter University recently. It is rare we see snow and frost may appear once or twice during the winter months. Many children here have hardly seen snow!

In fact, here is a good proof that I found during the last week locally:

Ripening strawberry in Cornwall week ending 10th November 2019. Wonderful climate in this part of the UK.

This strawberry is ripening in second week of November 2019 in Cornish nature. Beat that!


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