Moody Cornish skies.

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Moody skies in Cornwall of late.

Being out and about I cannot but notice the autumn Cornish moody skies lately. Laden with clouds, the sun rays trying to peak through creating wonderful streams of light. My travel often takes me past Mounts Bay with our famous St Michael’s Mount getting in the limelight. I particularly like the way it reflects in the wet sand when the light falls right!

Gloomy skies over Mounts Bay and St Michael's Mount Cornwall during last week. Autumn definitely here and winter knocking on the door regularly now. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Views I come across here are often stunning and difficult to do justice to with my tiny camera on the mobile phone. I do keep trying though.

Moody skies over the Bay in West Cornwall with sun desperately trying to break through! Magical cloud shapes appears with striking lights from sunrays. Day trips with Alvajoan

The other day I stopped for a cuppa at Jordan’s Cafe and found a particularly nosy character in the car park. Here it is:

This seagull watched over everyone in the car park by Mounts Bay with a gloomy looking sky in the background. Sunrays light up clouds from one side making the whole picture surreal in near black and white scenario. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

It certainly looked like he/she was keeping an eye on everyone parking there. Maybe the latest in cameras? This one certainly looked alive though.

Having enjoyed a spot of refreshment I carried on and did some more Christmas shopping. This seems to take up most of my time at the moment. What to get? For whom? And so on …

As I walked past the local seasonal root vegetables I decided we were having some of those roasted for tea. They were absolutely delightful and healthy.

Taking Sunday off from shopping!

Tried to run an errand for my husband but unable to complete so I carried on to the coast for a walk with the dog. This was stunning and I came away with some great pic’s and a knackered dog!

Portheras Cove sandy beach and Pendeen Fishermens Mission with fishing boats, an old white painted tree for a flagpole and more in West Cornwall. Sightseeing in Penwith with Alvajoan.

The flag post is a dead tree that has been painted white. In the background, the sandy shores of Portheras Cove looking inviting with turquoise waters.

Pendeen Fishermen's Mission establishment with crossed paddles greetings and tastefully painted red and white with Cornish flag on the door. In background, the local Portheras Cove sandy beach. Day trips with Alvajoan.

The pretty red and white painted house looking fresh with paddle greetings, Cornish flag and Pendeen Fishermen’s Mission wreath by the door.

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