Martin Jennings run 2020.

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Martin Jennings run 2020.

Martin Jennings run 2020 is a Motorcycle Memorial Run in Cornwall on 13th September primarily raising funds for charities. So this year funds raised will go to Cornwall Air Ambulance who sorely needs it. Certainly give generously if you can. For instance, this Pan European will be participating and many more if bygone years are anything to go by. Importantly, there is an FB page for the group if You are interested. Should it be that You are NOT on FB, give us a holler and we can put you in touch! In short, join the run or sponsor the charity PLEASE.

Martin Jennings run 2020, Motorcycle Memorial Run 2020. This 1100 Honda Pan European motorcycle is a wonderful bike for long tours with top box and two side panniers. Also well suited for a 2 hour cross Cornwall memorial run on 13th August 2020.

Many days start with beautiful sunshine and a great outlook from my window. A short film on FB for your perusal and enjoyment! In short, this certainly kicks my day off with a great big SMILE!

Across my neighbour’s fence, this gorgeous pink wild rose is flowering in superb pink tones. I watch the flowers waving to me from my window as unusual summer storms pass.

Wild or Gypsy roses in gorgeous pink tones cheer me up across the neighbours fence this week.

Swathes of these beautiful flowers wave around in the winds and get soaked in the downpours. Flowers seem to have difficulty deciding what time of the year it is with our weather. Winter/spring flora is already coming back but summer has not quite left!

Martin Jennings Motorcycle Memorial Run 13th September 2020 may take us down some narrow back lanes in West Cornwall which often have this tunnel look of trees to them. Looks fetching and avenue like depsite the 'smallness' of the roads. Help us raise funds for Cornwall Air Ambulance.

I find loads of juicy plump sloes getting ready for some gin along the narrow back lanes of West Cornwall. Locally produced GIN is just the job for this. That is to say, aint nowt like local produce!

Juicy plump sloes - just right for some gin!

Years roll on by …

Facebook recently presented me with a photo from 10 years ago. Importantly I must admit thinking I looked rather tanned here:

Martin Jennings Memorial Motorcycle Run 13th September 2020. Well 10 years have run away with me since this photo... Suitably tanned after times outdoors and on the local beaches. Loving Cornwall! I shall enjoy partaking in this year's memorial run raising funds for Cornwall Air Ambulance.

It must have been the outdoors life and beaches donning me this look. Learning about the bad things a tan can do for your skin, I invest in strong sun-creme these days! There are few things keeping an old gal as ‘with it’ as grandchildren. One of the nearest of our 13 grandchildren is a good 2 hour drive away and she is nearly 3 years old. Named after the stunning Aurora Borealis, we call her Rora. I sent her a photo of my new shower curtain and she was thrilled!

A roaring tiger on my shower curtain had my grand daughter tickled. Being an Aurora, or Rora for short, herself she found this amazing.

Not a lion roar but a large tiger roar. All for you, Rora, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In short, until next time,

Keep Happy, Healthy and Well.

Alvajoan of Cornwall, part of The Classexe Group.


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