Marazion station.

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Marazion station.

Marazion station is no longer in travel use. It has been closed since the 1960’s when Beeching ordered cuts to our railways. Trunking roads for vehicles were to take their place in distributing goods. There is a terrific large vehicle parking as well as a great cafe, Jordan’s. The beach is wonderfully sandy and from October 1st until May 1st, ie winter time, dogs are allowed here too. Station House Pub resides here and provide excellent service.

Sandy beach by Marazion station in Mounts Bay enjoying sunshine, fluffy white clouds in a blue sky and turquoise/blue waters rolling in. What is not to love about this? Sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Come and do Your sightseeing around Cornwall with Alvajoan and enjoy delights of our local scenery whilst relaxing being chauffeured. Our driver-guides are thrilled to share local customs, traditions, tales and folklore.

Cape Cornwall.

Onto Penwith and the fab tin coast of Cornwall. Great Britain have only got TWO Capes, Cape Cornwall in Cornwall and Cape Wrath in Scotland. For those that may wonder, no – there is not a line where the two water masses meet. At Cape Cornwall is Priests Cove, the former port of St Just. H J Heinz bought Cape Cornwall for the nation in 1987 and the memorial stands proud.

H J Heinz memorial at Cape Cornwall. Tour with Alvajoan and find out what You are interested in.

A little misty foggy and overcast on the day of this photo but then that often happens at the Cape.



Heading on along the Penwith coastline we encounter delightful Botallack, a former tin mine on the tin coast. Gazing at the image of the mining buildings may conjure up visions of Poldark as some scenes were filmed here. Looking across to the south, the view is equally amazing, with rocky outcrops and wilderness growing mad.

Celtic Sea aka Atlantic beating the rocks of Botallack. Grasses gorse and heather growing wild and coves tempting for the ancient pirates ... Explore local history, traditions and folklore with Alvajoan in Cornwall on sightseeing day trips and tours.

Grasses, bracken, gorse, heather and more is taking over in nature here when ponies are not grazing. Sheep’s bits still in flower but thrifts drying for the season. So what is so special here?

Love in a mist flower close up is as delightful as Cornwall. A cornflower lookalike with blue tone petals and dill looking greens - I love it! Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Well, this time of the year we often get misty weather and this flower particularly brings it home for me. LOVE IN A MIST. With gorgeous blue-tone petals and dill looking greenery – it is such a charmer.

Two-tone Love in a mist flowers. Adorable.

Until next time, we bid everyone a great week with autumn closing in every day.



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