Love in the mist.

Love in the mist.

Love in the mist is the name of a beautiful delicate flower. I have wanted this specimen in my garden for ages and now it is flowering there. The contrasting and ornate stamen and pistills in green make it look delicate. The dill looking greenery below just finish the ‘good looks‘ touches for me. It is a little like a paler cousin to the darker blue cornflower. This has made me elated!

Love in the mist: Pale blue 8 over 8 flower petals with a dill looking greenery below and contrasting green stamen and pistills in ornate shapes just sets this flower off for me! It is 'good enough to eat'!

In my neighbours garden I also came across this wonderful specimen of warm colours:

Superbly warm yellow and orange flower that stands proud next to Love in the mist in my garden. They look so good together it would like to fill my garden with these two!

Simply delightful with it’s light yellow inner circle along the petals and orange centre and outer petals. To me, the marigolds and Love in the mist make such a good team, I’d have them all over my garden if I could.

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During our evening walks these days, we often see this delightful weed with it’s bright white flowers:

Love in the mist: Bright white weed flowers along cornish lanes in summertime.

It is a climber and if it get’s holdi n your garden, it can become a real pest! I have had to keep a  constant eye on the ground where I cleared these and remove shoots. However, if they are on other people’s grounds and looking good in the sunshine, well I shall enjoy them!

End of life.

I feel it is important to be positive and happy in my blogs, but I have to share a very heavy heart. Our beloved dog is coming toward the end of his life. Our vet has left it up to us to say when and this decision is hard to take. My only consolation is that we are allowed to be kind when his problems become unbearable to him. That is more than can be said for us humans to ourselves. I will dedicated a blog in the near future to our ‘puppy’ with lots of photos, tales and anecdotes. Finally, enjoy EVERY day as each one is PRECIOUS and will NOT return!

Stay safe, well and happy!

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