Lockdown 2020.

Lockdown 2020.

Lockdown 2020 has certainly brought hardship to lots of businesses, people and families. Coronavirus has indeed taken it’s toll across the world. What amazes me during it all, is that nature carries on and provides some excellent cheering up. Photo below of a beautiful plant found in Mousehole whilst on a daytrip visit there.

Lockdown 2020: nature's superb flora and fauna cheers me up every time. Here a wonderful flower in bright red, yellow and orange to celebrate midsummer.

Photo for this blog is a gem in my garden that stinks like rotting meat and looks naughty like a Calla Lily. Colour is truly oxblood-red and with 4 flowers, I currently stink out the neighbourhood.

Lockdown 2020: the smell from this naughty looking oxblood-red plant is like rotten meat but it looks brilliant - vaguely resembling a Calla Lily.

So what’s new? Not a lot down here in the SouthWest. Slowly slowly restrictions are lifted and we return to a new ‘normal’. I believe people will work day and night to re-open the businesses that are allowed. Hopefully this year will not be a total loss for everyone.

Cloud reflections in the waters of Mounts Bay with photo taken from Newlyn.

I walk my dog in the back fields of Newlyn most evenings and the views are awesome. Clouds that mirror in the waters of Mounts Bay providing spectacular pictures. If you have some super photos of your own you want to share, email us! It can be nature, campers, old cars or whatever You cherish. Lockdown 2020 has certainly meant changes for most of us, however a good cheering up is always appreciated.

Sunset near Midsummer throws some great lights in the skies around Cornwall UK. Here it looks like Mother of Pearl lighting up the otherwise overcast and cloudy skies.

Looking up in the evening skies near Midsummer, the sunset throws marvellous lights. These remind me of Mother of Pearl in colours.

Neighbouring garden flowers bright in orange and yellow! So cheery!

A neighbour has a great garden with a spray of orange and yellow flowers hanging over the stoned wall. It is so cheery to walk past.

Fishing in Newlyn.

Meanwhile, I cannot leave without mentioning the wonderful fishing fleet operating from Newlyn. During the Lockdown 2020, we have often had fresh fish available thanks to the hardy work-people of this community. In short – Thank You.

Lush green and blue waters of Mounts Bay with a Newlyn trawler coming back to harbour in the distance. What is not to love here???

Until next time, stay safe, healthy and happy!

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