Local in Newlyn.

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Local views around Newlyn.

Local in  Newlyn provides lots of interesting and wonderful views to admire. Whilst walking the pooch on the local Sandy Cove beach, I took a short film posted to FB. Extraodinarily, I can stand in sunshine one end of the bay and watch pouring rain the other side. Amazing the small eco-systems that seem to provide weather around Mounts Bay.

Local Celtic Sea waters in Mounts Bay look like a mill pond or sheet glass in this photo. WIth blue skies above it it truly stunning.

A small fishing boat, probably emptying crab pots, just nearing Newlyn harbour across the bay. Skies here look so very blue and the colours between sea and sky can vary subtly or harshly. Certainly depends on the mood of the Atlantic! Walking the shoreline, I came across leftovers from 2019 vegetation and could not resist a photo.

Leftovers from previous years' flora stood proud along the shoreline at Sandy Cove.

Casting my eyes across Newlyn harbour, I am amazed at how quiet it has gone. Being a fish-lover, I hope the industry will get busy again soon and local fish plentiful here.

Local Newlyn harbour, once a very busy and bustling fishing harbour. Loving freshly caught fish I hope they will thrive again soon.

So, in the bay we have our own little ‘castle’, St Michael’s Mount. This was once a monastery and Cornish Mead was made here.

Through the branches of a few remaining trees in Gwavas of Newlyn I see St Michael's Mount in Mounts Bay looking grand. Out little castle in the bay.

Looking between branches from Gwavas heights of Newlyn across the bay, I scan the ‘islet’ with the majestic building right there! The wind can get a little chilly up here so a frightening pic of self all draped up like an eskimo:

Local: An eskimo in Newlyn? Surely not! Quite - it's ME! A little chilly in the breeze, I got all hooded up and kept warm!

Regular blogs and semi-retirement.

Sincere apologies for lack of blogs for a few weeks over Christmas and New Year, but we went away and got spoiled. I appeciate regularity is the name of the game when it comes to creating these little ditties and I shall improve!

Most importantly, we are adjusting to semi-retirement and enjoying it! I can take lots more photos and furthermore he can put feet up and snore! Here are some rain-wet clovers I found the other day. They are just waiting for a little spring sunshine …

Rainwet clovers looking for a cheerful sun to appear anytime.

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