Lizard flowers in autumn.

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Autumn flowers on the Lizard.

Whilst wandering around on the top end of the Lizard in Cornwall GB the other day I found astounding flowers. I have no idea what they are, but they certainly charmed me. Despite the time of year, the wind was slight and the sunshine warmed. No wonder the blighters looked so good!

Superb pale pinky-purple large flowers at top en of the Lizard flowering away madly in the autumn sunshine. Flora and fauna in Cornwall is stunning! Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Alongside these huge flowers and their seed pods with black spots were bright pink and purple fuchsias blooming away happily. This put a great big smile on my face. If YOU know what this flower is, please don’t keep it to yourself!

Here are some other grand flowers I found at the same time. Again, no idea what they are except RATHER PRETTY! Give us a clue!

Sharp pink flowers at top end of Lizard in Cornwall flowering beautifully in the autumn sunrays. Blooming marvellous! Alvajoan on sightseeing through Cornwall.

We are often asked what local plants, trees, animals etc are when out and about with visiting guests. A great abundance of vegetation has been imported from other parts of the world and may be more familiar to a visitor than myself. During years of touring we have entertained clients from South Africa, Argentina, USA, Australia, New Zeeland, Canada and many Asian countries. It is wonderful to have such a mix of faces and interests which certainly keep us all on our toes. Keep it coming and DON’T FORGET TO REVIEW US ON TRIPADVISOR please.

Penzance seafront birdlife.

Along the Victorian prom and seafront of Penzance it has gone quieter but still a lot of visitors around. Whilst ambling down to a local pub in the week we admired 4 swans preening themselves after taking a long swim in Mounts Bay. They were surrounded by seagulls and totally ignored the noise and flapping. Amazing!

4 swans preening themselves after the afternoon at Penzance seafront enjoyng placid waves and seagulls with sunset in the distance painting the sky pinky-red. Tours of Cornwall with Alvajoan - iz juz the job!

The sun is setting in the background of the photo, leaving a pinky strip of colour above the darkening bay waters. With the tide out, rocks stick out of the water warning of dangers we encounter to sea around Cornwall.

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