Living with coronavirus.

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Living with coronavirus.

Living with coronavirus in Cornwall UK is no more fun than anywhere else. With new police powers from today, we were stopped on our way out of Penzance. Our travels are eligible, as we both work in areas that are classed as necessary, garage and shop. The police have now got power to enforce the coronavirus lockdown using force if necessary.

Two-tone daffodail looking splendid in sunshine. Still flowering madly in Cornwall.

So I ask myself, WHY TOILET ROLLS? Handsanitizer I get! Still, if toilet rolls make you feel safe – carry on! Just don’t buy ALL the toilet rolls in the store. It is unhelpful for everyone else. Ducks below are TOO close.

Living with coronavirus - Like two peas in a pod, here are two ducks at Helston Coronation Park pond. In the distance the fountain is displaying and some grand foliage showing off too.

Yesterday I had an NHS worker shopping during the day. I told her we are open to NHS staff only in the morning. As her shifts are 12 hours and span the NHS open times in the store, this was no help to her. Shame. I gave a good pat on the back for the sterling work they all do! Another lady came into the store several times shopping for several neighbours. There is great community spirit alive and those who can, they do.

A beautiful weeping willow looking gorgeous at Helston Coronation Park.

As a shop worker I stay 6 foot / 2 metres away from work colleagues as well as shoppers. When I get home I take our dog for a long walk. One evening last week I got some super photos and saw lesser horseshoe bats overhead. Marvellous. If we meet people, we keep our distance.

Bare tree branches look effective against a dusky evening sky in West Cornwall UK.

Newlyn School of Art has had to close for the time being so my normal Penwith photos will have to wait. Chin up everyone, we will get through this! Cloudporn photo was taken at dusk at Newlyn.

sunset of another wonderful day in Cornwall ... clouds in the skies and a red glow in the distance.

A glowing red horizon as the sun sets on another beautiful day in West Cornwall in the photo.


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Until we blog again – keep your distance, keep safe, keep healthy and last but not least KEEP HAPPY!





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