Late 2018-springtime in Kernow GB.

It is late 2018-springtime in Cornwall.

Last of the 2018-springtime bluebells, wild garlic, violets and pink coast thrifts are slowly fading away for this year. They give place to foxgloves, buttercups, pink and white campion and so much more. The avalanche of flora and colours sprung on us in Cornwall all year around is fabulous.

Superb pink 2018-springtime thrifts adorn the forefront of photo with cliffs down to Porthgwarras clear turquoise and blue waters. Ross Poldark is said to have taken a swim in the nude here. In Cornish all water colours are referred to as 'glas' - simple.

In Cornish there is only one word for the colour of the sea, namely GLAS. For me there are so many blue and green colours blended in the colours of sea waters, one word simply wouldn’t be enough!

In the farmer’s fields the potatoes are flowering. I adore new-potatoes for my midsummer dinner.

Penzance have embraced their past and midsummer is celebrated for a whole week, the Golowan festival. Penglaz, the local ‘obby ‘oss comes out, there are parades and lots of activities everywhere. It is great to start summer with this festivity.

Vaste sandy beach of Sennen Cove 2018-springtime with rocks multi blues and greens coloured waters and cliff faces in the background towards Cape Cornwall. Stunning ! and waters in Cornish known as GLAS.

A recent visit by Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier looked imposing when Scillonian III passed in Mounts Bay. All the best to all who sail with her.

Rambling in Cornwall GB.

Popular recreational pursuit around our coastline is rambling and the coastal paths allow access on foot where none allowed by vehicles. Recently I visited St Loy’s Cove which is on private land but accessible via coast path and found some delightful nature.

A raging torrent? No a simple brisk stream from the heights en route to St Loy's Cove in Cornwall GB. Ferns, myrtle, cowslip, gunnera and more surrounds the pathways downhill and a little bridge gets you over safely to carry on the path.

This stream forcefully trundled down the hills towards the cove and had a number of wonderful fauna and flora along it’s way. A little further down the stream there is a small bridge to safely get across.

Along the coast path in St Loy Cove there are trees overhanging it to give it a look of an avenue. This tree was amazingly well woodworm eaten and I was surprised it was still upright! Only in Cornwall ... ?

This woodworm eaten tree surprised me in still being upright. It’s leafy top still shaded the pathway to the cove.

St Loy's Cove a secluded area that can be reached on our coastal path. No sand on the beach but plenty of round large stones. Trees 'avenue' the path as you walk along.

This view of a stony St Loy’s Cove beach, cliffs and sea is sweetly framed by the trees along the path down.

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