Lamorna Cove today.

Lamorna Cove in the sun.

Lamorna Cove was grey firstly today when we arrived but the sun soon burned it’s way through. We got set up after an obligatory visual tour and it got warmer. Especially if one had found a spot out of the wind. Merrily engaged in my own productivity, I watched as The Cormorant pleasure boat came into our cove for a browse. This little boat travels the south west and departs from Mousehole. All visual participants looked happy.

The Cormorant pleasure boat visiting Lamorna Cove with happy looking passengers. It is another way of seeing the coast and animals in and around the sea in Kernow. Day trip with Alvajoan caught this photo.

Rocks boulders and large stones here are not just from quarrying in the past. We had a huge storm here in February 2014 and the neglected harbour wall was badly damaged. So now Lamorna Cove have to live without the protection. When you look around here, it is obvious why it was so inspirational for the Newlyn Colony. Samuel John Birch was so in awe of this place, that he took it’s name as his own first name. There is a stream coming down the hills into the bay and a photo of this is on our Facebook page or simply use the link.

Thrifts at Lamorna.

As I wandered around the Cove I found some beautiful pink thrifts in great clumps. They are so beautiful and exists along our coastline in most places.

Pinks or Thrifts in the foreground growing along the craggy coastline of Lamorna Cove in great clumps. Competing here with the quarry remains across the cove and the turquoise coloured waters in the sunshine. An altogether splendid place to be on a sunny afternoon. Alvajoan on sightseeing day trip tours in Kernow.

In the background you see granite remains from the quarrying days as well as some lush greenery in the hills. A little further along I found another lot of these beautiful flowers. With the swell as a background in competition with the thrifts, I’m not sure which won. What do You think?

Pinks or Thrifts competing for attention with the rising waters of the incoming tide splashing rocks below. The waters look turquoise and even deceptively warm in the sunshine. Alvajoan tripping at Lamorna Cove today 1st May 2019.

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