July 2018 in West Wales on holidays.

July 2018 West Wales holidays.

In July 2018 on West Wales holidays we found Oxwich Bay Hotel right on the beach. Superb location! They have offers all year around for accommodation and more so worth checking website.

I have skipped along to Oxwich beach without recounting events in Tenby. Will get back to Tenby and surrounds in due course as it has so much to offer and I have photos requiring download first! Ahh, it’s great being back to work and this week has had everything! Rain, hail, sunshine, winds – you name it, we’ve had it! Our hardy visitors have embraced all the best of Cornish.

On our way through Wales, we travelled with smiles on our faces in our Ford Cortina Starcraft campervan and I think we put smiles on other people’s faces too!

ON West Wales holidays with us in July 2018, our Ford Cortina MK3 with Starcraft 'pregnant' looking body for home facilities onboard makes this mobile home look like somthing out of Thunderbirds so we call it Thunderbird 6. She is based with us in Cornwall UK and we travel all round with her even winter time.

If you caught sight and did not believe your eyes – yes, she is based in Cornwall and an absolute BEAUT! We will be out again soon as we have time so keep eyes peeled!

This vehicle so resembles something out of Thunderbirds, we decided to call her Thunderbird 6.

Pembroke Castle.

As we left the Gower coast and headed west we came upon Pembroke Castle where we made a pit-stop.

The original remains of this castle dates from way back when (around 1093). It was thoroughly destroyed by Oliver Cromwell in the mid-1600’s and left to decay for centuries until early 1900’s. If you pass the area, this is very well worth a viewing.

Pembroke Castle as refurbished in latter days. Older walls remain inside and altogether a resplendid castle to visit on tour in Wales with Alvajoan.

Above is the entrance from inside the castle and below a photo of older remains in the yard.

If You are interested in touring South and West Wales, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall be delighted to design Your perfect tours – just for You!

Be hearing from and seeing you.





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