It’s springtime in Cornwall GB.

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When springtime arrive in Cornwall.

2018 springtime is being welcomed all over Cornwall GB. Last night, The May Day Horns parade were heard and seen along the Promenade from Newlyn to Penzance. A short video can be viewed on our Facebook page and photos both there and on our Instagram page. We are having some super sunshine over this bank holiday weekend. In the sun I found a thermometer showing +30 degrees Celsius. Along the coastal path I often meet ramblers, many with dogs, enjoying fresh air scenery and Cornwall.

Walking my dog this morning I saw a chough with its’ distinctive red beak and legs up a tree. Sadly the bird was too fast for me and my camera, much as a pity. Warms my heart though, as there are still very few pairs in Cornwall. Their numbers are improving and are carefully monitored.

A Helston Hair Studio has decorated with white bows and ribbons in addition to native bluebells and a range of colourful garnations with the greens. Tucked into the workings are some arum lilies too. All very pretty for Flora Day to celebrate springtime.

Flora Day with Furry Dance in Helston.

Tomorrow 8th May 2018 is Flora Day in Helston with the traditional Furry Dance to boot. The whole town gets ‘dressed up’ in flowers, greenery, balloons and ribbons. It looks stunning. The festivities start early in the morning and goes on throughout the whole day into late evening. Hal-an-Tow dance out winter and welcomes springtime back.

Across this Helston window is a range of colourful flowers and greenery looking festive for the Furry Dance in May. This ancient celebration of springtime includes Hal-an-Tow chasing out winter and welcoming spring with Helston Town Band and is very noisy!

This morning first thing there was thick fog but the sun quickly burned it off. With warmer days and chilly nights we do get some fog. It is a stunning time of the year with fresh light green leaves in the trees appearing. Primroses, tulips, camellias, daffodils, magnolias, azaleas, rhododendrons, bluebells, gorse, forget-me-not and more explode in colours.

Absolutely MAGNIFICENT and certainly springtime in Kernow again.

Then there’s the lawn …

Once I start cutting the grass I find it grows so much faster. Like weeds! Every week I’m out in the garden cutting the grass – or so it feels. If my plants grew as fast as my lawn I would be VERY pleased! Amongst the greenery of my lawn are a number of primroses, daisies and dandelions making colourful splodges. I often debate with ‘SELF’ before grass cutting whether to rescue some plants or not. By now, most of my lawn is surrounded by primroses. They look superb in the springtime.

Come and join us to enjoy the full compliment of Cornish springtime in Kernow.

‘Til next time – cheerio from us all at Alvajoan,


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