Hygge is a lifestyle.

Hygge for wellbeing.

Hygge is a must for me. It is an existential need for well-being especially in the darker parts of the year. Did you ever wonder why Christmas was decorated so heavily with lights? Going back in time, open fires were the main warmth in houses. They also provided better viewing than most tv programs and togetherness as people all sat around them.

Hygge with open fire roaring. This provides better viewing than tv all of the time. Not so good for environment so banned in many places in the UK these days. Feels, looks and smells superb though. Alvajoan on hygge.

I look out of my window and wonder if it is late evening or early morning. Fierce winds gust outside making my curtains move inside. Squally showers come frequently showering all and sundry, My passionflower has buds now. Rather late, as it was severely cut back in the spring. I am hoping for a few sunny days to enjoy the flowers soon. Autumn has officially arrived and today is October 1st. Outside my front door I keep a lantern lit with a tea candle.

Tea candle lantern with coloured glass that often adorn the porch by entrance door to our house as a welcoming token. Alvajoan.

This time of the year it is pleasant and positive to decorate with candles and lanterns. Some are scented and they all look very pretty. Somehow they provide comfort and light in our darker seasons both physically and mentally. Certainly something I appreciate after a long working day.


Looking through a photo album recently I came across a renovation we did over 23 years ago. Originally, Piggy as she was affectionately known, was a coach. When we found her in the spring of 1996 she was in a BAD way. Paintwork outside was multi-tone and peeling. Bits of metal hanging off. Inside, all we could do was to gut and strip her completely. She was refurbished into a mobile home with bunk-beds, cooker, sink, wc, living area and shower. She did indeed look The Full Monty. You could say she was HYGGE ON WHEELS.

Inside Piggy with all mod cons and hygge to boot. Living area, wc, cooker, sink, bunk-beds, shower - you name it, Piggy had it! A super renovation indeed. Classexe in operation.

Her name was given after she returned from being painted – in a wonderful brown.

Piggy entrance door showing off the wonderful brown paintwork! She was hygge on wheels! Alvajoan reminiscing.

After a morning MOT we set off for Sweden on her maiden journey after renovation and returned OK. If You need a renovation doing to Your vehicle, get in touch! Classexe looks after your vehicles. Quotes are FREE.

If you simply want to come and travel in total comfort being driven around – get in touch with Alvajoan.





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