Humble Beginnings in Cornwall.

Cornish Humble Beginnings.

In the spring, we start with Humble Beginnings in the larder county of Great Britain known as Cornwall. Walking around the other day I found, as a result, some very tiny but green leaves sprouting on a bush. To sum up, this is absolutely splendid!

Alvajoan: Humble Beginnings; These very small shoots on an otherwise bare bush made me think - 'From small beginnings ...' and it is wonderful to see these grow every day! Alvajoan on day trips in Cornwall.

After that some flowering Japanese cherry trees, by now dropping some of their flowers, made for another beautiful sight!

Alvajoan: Japanese cherry flower tree presented 'framed' by pine trees all round. Spectacular pink colours on display in all the flowers. So weird there are no leaves! Sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall GB.

As I got closer, the colours became even more vivid and exceptional. To clarify, I tried to get as close as possible to one …

Alvajoan A very close up photo of two Japanese cherry blossoms on a local tree in full bloom. So colourful and striking to see in dowdy wet and grey winter season in Cornwall. Come visit by airport transfers via Alvajoan. Be delighted!

Springtime in nature all around.

Spring is a colourful and spirited time everywhere around the globe with lots of animals rejoicing in warmer ‘climes’. Us humans too!

Alvajoan: Pale lavender-purple crocus flowers with golden centres tells of the coming springtime loud and clear! Visit Cornwall - see Cornwall with Alvajoan on tours.

Wherever I turn my head, there are funky sparkly bright colours coming at me! So, it is a wondrous experience every year.

Alvajoan: Multicoloured daffodils in Cornwall already in flower and brightening up the world around us. Sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Our very successful export, the daffodil, is found in many fields and they are just so bright and yellow and sparkling! It is as if the flowers are competing with the sun in providing brightness to cheer us up! There are WILD DAFFS TOO!

Kindness week.

In February, there is a dedicated KINDNESS WEEK. What a splendid idea for a name. I have one question though – WHY ONLY ONE WEEK? Certainly, for my money, I think EVERY week should be a kindness week!

Alvajoan: Natures own pallette with leaves tinted in dark green, lighter green, pale green and pale yellow. Superb and unimitable. Day trips with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Nature has it’s own pallette with colours and spread them so very well!

Alvajoan: Bright pink 'in your face' carnation in full flower in Cornish garden right now! Sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Wonder if it is only in Cornwall we have flowering bright pink carnations for Valentine’s Day ???

Alvajoan: Cornish gull taking flight in front of flowering decorative Japanese cherry tree. Stunning in the sunshine! Tours of Cornwall with Alvajoan.

This bird has taken to the skies in front for flowering trees at a local pond seeking new adventures no doubt. I think I shall do the same. Seek new adventures I mean.

Tours, day trips, sightseeing and travel update.

I have this week been able to announce that two of our tours, South Wales (5 days) and Cornwall (6 days), are FULLY BOOKED. If you did not get your bookings in – keep an eye out for 2020! There are a few seats left for the autumn / fall 4 CITIES IN 5 DAYS TOUR. FYI.

To book travel with us, inquire or simply get in touch – call UK (+44) 1326 565441 or email INFO@ALVAJOAN.COM

Urgent? – Cell / Mobile: +44 7772 777545 and speak to us pronto!

Looking forward to making your acquaintance soon.

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