Holiday tour in Wales.

On tour for Wales holiday.

Apologies for delay in blogging owing to tour for a Wales holiday, brief but much appreciated. Another Celtic country of course and with that loads to visit and see. With time permitted we only travelled south and west Wales visiting choice places and areas. Celtic language in Wales, Brittany and Cornwall has lots of similarities. Most places in Wales seem to have a St Davids Inn or Pub. Road signs can be VERY confusing whilst you drive and try to read ALL. Some have English first but majority have Welsh first. Sadly not standardised. Across the Severn bridge we visited Caerphilly Castle first and found a famous comic remembered there. Tommy Cooper was born in Caerphilly and a statue is stood here to commemorate this great entertainer.

Leaning tower of Caerphily castle where Greeen Lady ghost frequents. Alvajoan on tour in Wales 2018.


The leaning tower at Caerphilly Castle started leaning hundreds of years ago. Ghost in the castle is The Green Lady. One can talk a leisurely stroll around the outside perimeter of the castle or go inside for a reasonable amount.

From here we proceeded to the Brecon Beacons where the weather turned and showered us clean! Didn’t bother with a photo of the showers …

From Caerphilly to The Mumbles.

A Wales holiday we decided had to include a visit to The Mumbles. Nobody seem to know why the place is called this but it is after a huge sandy beach with splendid waters for a swim. There is a castle here too but traffic was awful so we did not stop to view it. A walk on the prom and pier provided an ice-cream 🙂 Always appreciated by us!

The Mumbles on Wales south coast in July 2018 on Wales holiday tour with Alvajoan.

Onto the Gower Coast in Wales.

Travelling on for our Wales holiday, we arrived at Oxwich sandy beach of the Gower Coast with stunning blue waters to boot.

Oxwich sandy beach on Gower Coast in South Wales on tour with Alvajoan July 2018.

I will add to this adventure in my next blog with more photos places and venues. Stay with us!

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