Historic Cornwall in late August.

Historic walks in Cornwall late summer.

I have really enjoyed the recent wonderfully sunny weather with Historic walks which have taken me all over Cornwall. Today I thought I would share some photos from these expeditions. On an almost daily basis I take people around our beautiful Cornwall, particularly the Penwith area. Most days the sun shines on us during the day. Everything seem to run very early here this year. Multi-coloured heather is showing off in the moorland and blackberries are ready for picking.

Multi-coloured heather now on show in cornish nature whilst out on Historic walks around the moorlands. Tours sightseeing and day trips with Alvajoan can lead you here.

Certainly, the fine blend of blue skies, green ferns, yellow gorse and multi-coloured heather just makes Cornwall now. It looks like blues from the sea reaches to the skies sometimes. So is it because the sea fog stretches out?

Historic walks in Cornwall with the colourful blue skies, green ferns, yellow gorse and multi-coloured heather just takes your breath away right now. Tour day trip and sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Neolithic Men-an-tol.

In the far distance you can see a building from Ding Dong Mines whilst in the foreground the splendid neolithic Men-an-tol stands strong. To improve your heath or become pregnant you must climb through the holed stone a number of times. Amazing to think these have been here since the stone age.

Ding Dong Mine in the distance with Men-an-tol healing stones in the foreground standing where they have been since the stone age. Tour sightseeing on day trips with Alvajoan.

Ancient village Carn Euny.

On a sunny day, we set off for Carn Euny. This ancient village has a fogou. Fogous are a phenomenon that only exists in Cornwall. Here’s a photo from inside the one at Carn Euny. The walls are clad in green because of moisture and age.

Historic Carn Euny fogou interior walls clad with green moss and lichen in Cornwall UK on day trip with Alvajoan.

Looking out over the Historic walled village of Carn Euny it is easy to see therefore how animals would have been kept and tended here.

Historic walled village of Carn Euny in West Cornwall with cornish fogou on site. Tour and day trip with Alvajoan for Your sightseeing.

On route to the village, there is an old tree decorated with colourful ribbons and more by an old well and chapel. It is quite magical how the sunlight shines through the branches of all the trees around here. Behind lies a grassy green meadow.

Historic wishing well old chapel and ancient tree by Carn Euny. Tree is decorated with colourful ribbons and other items. Tour and day trips with Alvajoan for sightseeing.

Finally, when I arrived back by the car park I found the sun shining down on some massive bamboo. It looked stunning!

Massive bamboo in lush late August sunshine attracting insects and looking marvellous.

Therefore, to reserve Your perfect private day trips and tours for sightseeing, contact us by email or call +44 1326 565441 or +44 7772 777545 if urgent. We may even take advantage of a Cornish Cream Tea at Rosemergy’s.

Have a super time whatever you get up to.







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