Heliport in Penzance.

Heliport opening in Penzance.

Heliport near the former helipad grounds is due to start operating in the spring of 2020. This will give travellers, visitors and islanders more choices of how to get to and from the IOS. It is not an unusual sight to get helicopters around Mounts Bay now. You can take pleasure trips from Land’s End airport. Coastguard services have helicopters as do RNLI and the Culdrose training facility by Helston. Regular transfers to and from the Isles of Scilly have not been provided since 2012 if you ignore a short phase by the IOSSCO last  autumn. A bit of healthy competition can only be good!

Heliport in Penzance will enable local helicopters to shuttle transfers to and from the Isles of Scilly. Helicopters are not unusual around Mounts Bay. Searching as well as transporting. From spring 2020 a new heliport will start operating in Penzance again. Last independent one closed in 2012. Islanders will be pleased I'm sure.

Our very own Cornwall Air Ambulance must not be forgotten when mentioning regular traffic with helicopters in Cornwall. Sadly when they are called it is rarely because of a positive happening … but we would be far worse off without them!

From th heights of Newlyn Gwavas the views across Mounts Bay to St Michaels Mount are great. Like a little castle in the blue bay.

Up on the hills of Newlyn, helicopters are heard very well and if flying over low the noise can be deafening. It was unusual though, when the last lot stopped flying in 2012. Very quiet.

Newlyn and countryside.

A local talent of which we have many in Cornwall. This one is blakc and white, chews grass and goes MOOOO regularly! Welcome to the green pastures of Kernow.

In local fields we often come across cows grazing. They are generally very nosey and stroll up to us. Booma, the dog, find them a little too big for his liking. Strange really since he is supposedly a cattle-herder!

Away from Cornwall, we went to Lincolnshire during the week. Don’t worry – we took passports with us! I took a short film on the way up as the weather was good! We collected an old camper van that I will detail in a couple of weeks here in a blog.

Many rivers run into Mounts Bay. This one comes down through Newlyn and is arched by an ancient bridge. In the autumn and winter, the waters can get a little like white water rafting :)

Many rivers run into Mounts Bay and this one comes through Newlyn underneath an ancient bridge. Across the road from where this photo was taken is Jelberts Ice Cream, best in Cornwall! They have closed for the season now and I miss them! For me, ice cream is edible all year round.

Already our daffodils are growing like mad around here. They don't seem to worried by the odd frost either. Looking forrward to their bright yellow happy 'faces'!

My day cheered up no end when I found these daffodils spurting out of the ground already. It is very mild here …

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