Gurnards Head in Penwith.

Gurnards Head in Cornwall.

Gurnards Head aka Trereen Dinas or in Cornish ‘Ynyal’ meaning desolate holds the remains of an iron age cliff fort. Whilst on visit there and for the 4th consecutive day, the heavens opened as soon as stepped out. Nearly out to the rocky outcrops was I when the weather changed.

Gurnards Head the headland is here backed by blue seas and paler blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Who'd have guessed that in five minutes it would pour down with rain??? Day trip with Alvajoan.

Managed a photo of the scene before the rain overtook the vision completely. Along the rough north coast up to Zennen it is truly scenic. Lots of coves, caves, rough seas and winds gusting in mercilessly bending trees.

Winds sweep in over the coast mercilessly bending trees into this shape over years. Marvellous how they still stand up at all! Explore the Cornish coast with Alvajoan.

Magnificent rocky outcrops at the Celtic Sea along Penwith by Gurnards Head is stunning for painters, natue lovers, ramblers and visitors alike. Enjoy your Cornish vacations - take tours with Alvajoan.

Low flying swallows gave an indication of the impending weather arrival. However, as it was not chilly in the wind, I got away with an additional shower only. My group today were painting in the rain, something they managed successfully and bravely. As I approached the Inn, I caught sight of this rather sizeable blighter making haste before the next downpour.

This rather sizeable beetle was scurrying along the ground trying to reach safety before the next shower arrived! In Cornwall with Alvajoan sightseeing.

He made such good time I filmed him too! You know what they say:- ‘If you don’t like the Cornish weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll have changed’. Sun is now back out and drying me and my clothes lovely! Certainly makes for variables and a need for all weather clothes when out.

B3306 is a road in Cornwall that has been voted one of the most scenic routes in Great Britain. In the landscape there are ancient stone walls to keep cattle penned in, still in use today. With the Celtic Sea blue behind the patchwork quilt landscape, it is a PICTURE!

Hydrangeas have finished for the season here so I take delight in the fuchsias that line the car park at the venue. They sparkle after the rain.

Bushes laden with flowering fuchsias lines the car park at Gurnards Head/ The look spectacularly colourful after a drop of rain! Natural Cornwall with Alvajoan.


In less than a forthnight’s time, on the 1st September 2019, a painting challenge takes place between Land’s End and Sennen Cove. This is raising funds for the National Trust to improve coastal paths in the area. You can register to take part with Newlyn School of Art.

If you’d rather see more of the Cornish beauty, check out our TOURS page! We can take You to where You want to go.

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