Go neolithic in Cornwall GB.

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Cornwall is full of neolithic sites.

Kernow is an amazing county in Great Britain and has more neolithic sites than any other county here. Ancient burial sites, unusual geological formations and truly Cornish phenomenon like ‘fogous’ are a serious ‘must’ when visiting. Some sturdy quoits or dolmens are available to view like Lanyon Quoit :

Three large granite standing stones with a 12 tonnes granite slab as table top stone is the neolithic Lanyon Quoit in West Cornwall Great Britain we often visit with sightseeing clients on tour.

Nearby another set of neolithic stone with powers stand through the ages – Men-an-Tol :

Men an Tol with holed centre stone between two menhirs in West Cornwall Great Britain as seen on day trip with Alvajoan.

Everywhere you go there are folklore, tales and legends to tell the ancient stories – just ask our drivers.

Ophiolite at The Lizard in Cornwall.

This wonder of nature only exists in a few places around the world that we are aware of. The Troodos mountains on Cyprus is one example. Another one is right here in Cornwall UK on the Lizard peninsula where ophiolite has formed. A recent visiting geologist from Argentina was so happy to see the formation on his tour with us. All our day trips are driver-guided and include pick up and drop back within Cornwall.

Lizard Point the southern-most tip of UK mainland with lighthouse in background on Lizard peninsula one of only a few known places on earth with ophiolite geology and home to a cornish fogou. Sightseeing with Alvajoan can take you here.

Kernow fogous.

These are very special places and a lot have been destroyed. Some are on private property so not always available to visit. We do however have some that are exceptionally good to visit. A full day tour allows time to take in as much as possible but if all you want is to see a fogou this can be done on a half day day trip too. Sturdy walking shoes or boots and all-weather clothing is helpful when popping into these spaces that can be damp and slippery.

Don’t leave booking Your bespoke private and special sightseeing day trips and tours with Alvajoan too late! Email us and we shall be delighted to make Your day trip right just for You.

Looking forward to hearing from, meeting and being of service to You.

Alvajoan of Cornwall Tours and Travel

Carn Euny fogou interior granit stone walls clad with green moss and lichen in Cornwall UK on day trip with Alvajoan.

Granite blocks at entrance to Halliggye Fogou in Cornwall GB on sightseeing tour with Alvajoan.

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