Forests in Cornish summertime.

Forests gearing up for autumn.

Forests are already getting ready for the autumn spurt of re-seeding themselves. Trees are full of nuts and seeds getting ripe as the days go by. Cornish woodlands are rare these days and we do our utmost to protect what little we have left. When I walked our dog the other day I found the bracken have turned in colours already. Warm yellows, browns and oranges are already on display. In the cooling shade of tall trees is where the sun rays only come through partly.

Forests bracken turning autumn yellow brown and orange in the woods. Sightseeing day trips with Alvajoan.

In trees I found ‘offspring’ already ripening to provide the tomorrow for our forest. It will not be long before nuts and other seeds are following suit.

Forests seeds getting ready to spread their goodness for the future in trees. Travel tour and transfer with Alvajoan.

Despite the warm humid air, my dog gets very excited and runs around a lot. Lucky therefore that we have a super stream for him to jump into and cool down.

Ford through a woodland stream in Cornwall. Sun glinting in the rapidly moving waters reflecting trees overhanging the area. Delight in tours with Alvajoan.

This is a ford for passing to the other side but today it was rather high for a car. Tractors will be able to get across though and the farm on the other side I’m sure has one. A recent trip to Bude found us passing through woodland along the Atlantic Highway (A39) and I filmed a litte. If you want a peak at Widemouth Bay and the fab sandy beach with activities – I filmed that too. It was a truly magic day with sunshine and a breeze to keep cool in.

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