Forest in Kernow.

Forest in Kernow.

Forest in Kernow is scarce these days. Lots of trees have been used over the centuries to make metals, boats, housing, heating and more. Great big parts of Kernow was in fact covered by forests. We even exported wood to Canada many moons ago, shipping out from Padstow on the Camel estuary. Local to me is Godolphin Woods, part of the Godolphin Estate, run by the National Trust. I often take walks with our dog there and enjoy the fabulous nature. Woodland scent is something magical to me.

Forest in Kernow; Wonderfully moss covered ancient tree with leafy twig sprouting out of the old trunk near where a knot has formed previously. In the background, more trees, flower, grass and ferns - proper woodland.

Trees that are so old they are covered in mosses and lichens. Still, every spring they ‘spring’ into life again with pale green leaves and buds. Grasses, ferns and flowers add their own beauty to this wildlife scenery.

Forest; Beautiful new spring growths on the pine trees in pale green and orange/brown drying outgrown coverings on the pine trees with the illusive Booma kelpi in the background looking at me.

Pine trees with drying brown/yellow shells showing off the ‘babies’. Ops, ‘His Lordship’ got in the background there, looking at me puzzled. So, I was only talking to the wee Robin that sat on a branch, says I. When we finish our walk, it is customary to have a drink and splash in the stream.

After some rain, the local stream by Godolphin Woods is higher than usual and spurting down with great speed. Wonderful for a drink and cooling down for dogs after a good walk. In the foreground, some of our native bluebells on show.

In the foreground, some of our native superb bluebells on parade for you. Another Forest in Kernow I enjoy visiting is around Helford. When I go next, I shall take some great pic’s and share with you all.

In the Bay.

On our way to work we took a stop to enjoy the scenery of St Michael’s Mount in Mounts Bay. Cloudier than we prefer and a chilly breeze blowing quite well, there were people walking and it looked beautiful!

Blue skies with great big white clouds over Mounts Bay and St Michael's Mount in Kernow / Cornwall. Waves rolling in as winds are a little fierce. Sunshine :)

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