Kernow Flora lately.

Kernow Flora of late.

Kernow Flora has been gorgeous lately as ever. Allow us to show some off. I have seen some hyacinths in my day, but never before any with such colour as this;

Kernow Flora, Hyacinths come in all colours but this has to be one of the darkest purple I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. Day trip sightseeing in Cornwall for up 16 people with Alvajoan.

an amazing deep purple and absolutely gorgeous.

In hedgerows I see the prickly hawthorns flowering madly and they look wonderful.

Flowering hawthorn is everywhere in Cornish hedges now. So fabulously white and clean looking! Nature watch with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

As we are approaching Easter now, it is only appropriate to have some proper yellow flowers in too. Just in time for Easter celebrations, our Forsythia is certainly looking cheerfully yellow;

Flowering Forsythia looking grand coming up for Easter. Such a spectacular colour spectacle only rivalled in Cornwall I feel by the Gorse. Feel the Cornish nature with Alvajoan on tours in Cornwall.

Lastly, I found a champion Daffodil with multi-petal flowers still looking alive! Oh, these are superb!

The Cornish daffodils in flower are coming to an end now as they start real early in the year here. This beauty still looked good for my pennies. Alvajoan in nature in Cornwall GB.

I shall no doubt come back to the nature of Cornwall in another later blog, but for now – let’s find more items.

Life rolls on in Cornwall.

Wandering about with our dog the other day, I came on a local field with cows. Normally I would just walk past but that day a new calf caught my eye. It cannot have been very old and looked brilliant standing in the lush green grass where it had just had a good suckle on mummy. So, I just had to get a photo.

A nearly newborn calf with mother enjoying some steps on the lush green grassy fields of Newlyn. Life rolls along here gently in Cornwall. Day trip sightseeing with Alvajoan on your vacations perhaps ...

A few days later, a neighbour told me there were now 2 calves in the fields. Life comes and goes in our tranquil Cornish village.

Out of my works window.

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