Feels good in Cornwall.

Feels good to be alive.

Feels good to watch superb sunrises in Kernow and breathing fresher air.

Feels good ; Glorious sunrises in early mornings at Newlyn Kernow. Seeing the sunrays play over the still bay waters is magical!

It has been a few weeks of no blogging and I was beginning to feel real bad about it. Recent months have been kinda busy at our place. Firstly, not unline others, my self employed work dried up due to lockdown. Finding and starting something different was great, but also found me on a steep learning curve. Since then, I have joined a small exclusive troup on a brand new job in a local superstore. We are keeping busy and doing very well indeed. Many mornings at 4.30-5am I find myself gazing at some superb sunrises in awe. It does feel good to be alive!

Walking back from work I admire neighbours gardens and other flora and fauna about.

Feels good ; Oh mother nature, you do create some wondrous living things.

In absolute amazement with this beauty yesterday! So delicate and splendid! Looks good enough to eat I think.

In the evenings after dinner, I often take our red kelpi Booma for a walk. We both enjoy the heights of Gwavas and views provided from there.

Feels good ; Mounts Bay view a'la Boo. And a beautiful view it is too!

Native bluebells are slipping away slowly for the season but there are other wonderfully colourful flora coming out instead.

Such fierce grand colours in nature despite all our weird happenings this year. Enjoy!

One of our campers is having a great big make-over and facelift. Bet you cannot guess which one! On our home page there are a few shown. Feels free to have a look and a good guess!

On our stroll the other day, Booma and I found a slowworm on our walkies. I have not had the priviledge to see one of those for a good many years before.

Wonderful sighting of a slowworm locally. First one I have seen in years. Welcome!

Let me know what weird and wonderful animals you have found in Cornwall on your walks or in the sea. Love a good photo with it too!

See you all again soon.

Until next time – keep safe happy and sane!

Alvajoan of Cornwall, part of The Classexe Group



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