February flowers 2020.

February flowers 2020 in the spring.

February flowers 2020 in Cornwall this spring are plentiful despite being pounded by storms. So Ciara has just departed our shores leaving many areas flooded and broken by the winds. With one day’s break, we are now receiving storm Dennis this evening. Social media these days mean we can see the storms and results much quicker than before.

February flowers 2020: Flowering daffodil all in golden yellow and looking like crimped butter. The scent from these wonderful blooms is stunning. I have 10 in my house every week and it is wondrful!

Most popular these days seem to be the large bright yellow daffodils with a crimped trumpet the colour of churned butter. These are the ones most often sold in shops. I like the old style daffs though that have a centre full of trumpets.

The Cornish daffodils in flower are coming to an end now as they start real early in the year here. This beauty still looked good for my pennies. Alvajoan in nature in Cornwall GB.

Alternatively, there are slightly smaller ones in size that have some splendid multicolours to boot:

Daffodils come in all sorts of colours and multicolours too. These are smalled in size but have a gorgeous orange 'trumpet' in the centre of the yellow petals. I could watch these for hours whilst enjoying the scent ...

There are just so many combinations! If you have some great pic’s or simply want to share information – please contact us.

On we march …

There are many other spring flowers on show here, snowdrops, primroses and crocuses just to mention a few.

Crocuses here are generally yellow or purple in colour and for me the purple ones are absolutely fenomenal. With stark mustard yellow stigma and pale white below these flowers are simply adorable.

My favourites are the purple ones. I just gaze into the mustard yellow stigmas that stand out so well against the whiter bottoms surrounded by purples. Good enough to eat! It is a type of crocus that provide saffron used in baking and cooking.

Walking the dog is whatever the weather throws at us, I came across these wonderful pansies bravely standing up against the storms.

Superb blue toned pansies in beautiful flower with their stark striking dark lines emanating from the centre. Kiss!

These blooms, for me, look like little faces with their lines! Pansies come in a wide range of colours and flower for some time in Cornwall. Our mild and clement climate is a blessing for many plants.

Last but not least, this brave little ‘soldier’ looked weather beaten but was so colourful I could not miss it out! Bright dark pink and flowering through the rain and wind. And more buds due to flower soon! Impressive!

A bright dark pink / purple flower showing off in the blustery stormy February 2020 we are experiencing in Cornwall. Just had to have a photo of it! What a brave and beautiful plant!

On that note I bid you all a safe and healthy week.



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