December 2018 Xmas in Wales.

Xmas in Wales 2018.

We spent our Xmas 2018 in Wales with family there. More family live in the Midlands area were visited too as it was a lot closer than from Cornwall. In the week prior to travelling north, we had a Xmas surprise ourselves when the Severn Bridge toll was abandoned. BIG SMILE! They are already removing the toll booths during nights and I snuck a crafty photo of a remaining one.

Former toll booths by new Severn bridge are being removed one by one. Tolls were abandoned in December 2018 a great Xmas present for us going to Wales. BIG SMILEY FACE! Alvajoan on tours.

Visibility from the new Severn Bridge is awesome and the structure simply imposing in height as you approach this marvellous work of geniuses.

New Severn Bridge has imposing span visible from far away. Cheaper to cross now. Day trips with Alvajoan.

I am struck by the scenery of the rolling Welsh hills of the Cambrian Mountain ranges as we travel through. After much rain, there were absolute waterfalls thundering down some hills. The weather seemed to go grey and the tops of the Welsh hills disappeared in the misty fog.

Welsh Cambrian hills looking quite mountainous with very tops hidden in the passing clouds. Travel with Alvajoan and see Great Britain.


A walk with family of all ages and the dog took us to the pebbly beach of Aberystwyth. With the tide out, we walked along the river Ystwyth as it meets the sea. Waters run through quickly and it looks like a super place to white water rafting. Certainly the sides along the river flow looks ancient and crimped like a Cornish pasty in places.

River Ystwyth meeting the sea at Aberystwyth Wales showing off ages of our globe along the sidewalls where it looks crimped like our Cornish pasties. Flowing quite fast making white water rafting a potential here. Photo taken Christmas Eve 2018 and not a single snowflake in sight only green green grass. Tour with Alvajoan and be delighted.

Looking over to the harbour moreover showed boats on the bottom awaiting the now incoming tide. In the distance one can clearly see the castle remains as well as Constitution Hill. A cliff railway can take you up on the hill where the views are stunning. Sadly it was closed when we visited Wales over Xmas 2018.

Aberystwyth harbour with castle and constitution hill in background. Skies are blue with fluffy white clouds, winds are medium and temperatures in the plus. Wonderful beach walk with the dog children and grand children whilst tide was out. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Tours, sightseeing and day trips.

In 2019 we have 3 tours going out:

15-19th July 2019: 5 days to WALES

Treat Yourself and Your loved One to a super tour of South Wales – email reservation request.

Have a continued great 2018 and moreover a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2019.



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