Dacey’s Cornish Tours by Alvajoan of Cornwall.

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Dacey’s Cornish Tours.

Dacey’s Cornish Tours has been a part of our lives at Alvajoan of Cornwall for the past four years. Together with David at Dacey’s, we have safely transported and toured with hundreds of visiting guests showing off Cornwall. Deciding to give up these tours was very difficult as we absolutely love and enjoy touring. Such wonderful customers onboard are difficult to forget … Thank you Ladies from Minnesota and everyone that have toured with us.

Dacey's Cornish Tours client feedback from the last ever tour by Alvajoan of Cornwall in September 2019. Thank you Ladies. Jim at Alvajoan.

Jim will no doubt meet you on another tour when driving with tour companies around the UK. Most importantly, we will commence our own CLASSIC CORNWALL TOURS from April 2020. Inquiries and bookings for Your Tour dates are taken already.

The Roseland.

King Harry Ferry between Feock and Phillack in the distance as it makes it's way across the river Fal. This superb chain driven flat 'road extension' shortens travel time and milage greatly when moving south of Truro and the Roseland. Alvajoan.

King Harry Ferry is a super link across the river Fal from south of Truro to the Roseland area. A flat floating ‘road-extension’ across the water shortens travel time and mileage. This chain driven transfer copes with midi buses up to 25 seats and vehicles up to 16 tonnes mgw.

Aboard KHF from Phillack to Feock en route from Roseland to Penzance. Quick and efficient service - thanks. Alvajoan.

From areas like St Mawes and St Anthony in Roseland therefore, this is a great link for travelling around. RV’s and camper vans can use this service. I had visited Pendower beach in the Roseland and have put a film on our FB page from there.


Back home, we have had visitors from a grand ship of late too. Le Dumont D’Urville was here and people came off the boat to our local venues.

Le Dumont D'Urville visiting Mounts Bay in September 2019. Welcome back! Alvajoan

Although a cruise ship, primarily this boat is of a size that makes it look more like an great yacht. Maybe one day I shall have a go …

Whilst out with ‘his lordship, the dog’, I spotted this ‘scarred’ granite boulder with stones adorning the top:

Dacey's customers could enjoy scenery like this. Granite boulder adorned with smaller stones at end of a hedgerow in Newwlyn separating farmers fields. Natural Kernow. Alvajoan

Green green grass against the pale blue skies with white clouds and the turquoise and blue waters of the bay. As a result, this was all beautiful in the sunshine from above.

So, remains the here and now. It is absolutely pouring with rain regularly today and winds are gusting well. It appears autumn is arriving with a vengeance certainly taking revenge on the nice weather we had earlier this month.

Tanker and fishing boat in the distance under a gloomy looking overcast sky over weekend. A single seagull flying across the bay. Autumn arriving with a vengeance after the nice sunny and warm September we had earlier. Alvajoan.

At Sandy Cove over weekend, I spotted a tanker sheltering and a fishing boat going out on a grey overcast day. A single seagull flew overhead. Autumn is certainly coming now with shorter days, wind and wet. Keep warm and safe.

Plan Your super vacations and Tours for 2020 in front of a warm fire with a hot cuppa.





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