Crazy Campers at Alvajoan.

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Crazy Campers.

Crazy Campers at Alvajoan of Cornwall has become public general knowledge at last. We appear to have outdone ourselves over the last 30 years. Starting with an old 40 seater Bedford bus which we turned into a comfortable 4-berth large campervan.

Here the old lay goes into our workshop for a paint overhaul. Off with the yellow and blue and ... wait and see - Alvajoan painting.

Scruffy weatherbeaten with peeling paint and loose trims she rolled into a garage for some TLC. A good session of renovating, including gutting the interior, and painting …

Piggy entrance door showing off the wonderful brown paintwork! She was hygge on wheels! Alvajoan reminiscing.

and here she is on her maiden trip to Sweden. No joking, the staff were having bets on whether she’d get there and back. How rude! Of course she did! And in good style too! German customs officials would not believe there were two sleeping children in the camper but insisted on entering ‘Piggy’ when we travelled back to the UK via Sassnitz. She got her name owing to the wonderful colour that she ended up being painted, ‘Happy as a pig in sh.t’ was the thought. In between garage, touring and working overall, our Jim relaxes with Booma, our kelpi who has reached the magnificent age of 13 1/2 years.


Another wonderful creation is our ‘Nippy’. This girl is anything BUT nippy, however the registration is NPY. Say no more. Built like a barndoor and about as aerodynamic, this ole gal with 6 wheels screeches around corners turning heads everywhere she goes.

Wow, ain't she got a rear! Nippy showing off her less than curvy body here. Alvajoan crazy campers.

Rear end shows just how shapely she is.

Nippy overlooking Cheddar looking grand in the sunshine with blue go faster stripes - ha ha ha - on her white-ish body. Beached whale often springs to mind when admiring her. Alvajoan crazy campers.

This pic is near Pensford when we took her for a spin last year. After this she travelled the southcoast of Wales and up to Aberystwyth. A true gem!

Running short on time for now. You may find our website looking a little different as we no longer engage in passenger transport. Should you however need a hand with mechanical vehicle repairs, trailer mending / building – email.

Or – here’s an oldfangled idea – gi’s a bell: 01326 565441 – 07772 777545.

‘Til next time

ALVAJOAN of CORNWALL, part of The Classexe Group


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