Cot Valley on Penwith coast.

Part of Penwith coast – Cot Valley.

Cot Valley aka Porth Nanven on the Penwith coast holds some stunning features visible from there, Ballowal Barrow and Cape Cornwall. The Celtic Sea pounds the rugged cliffs creating white froth as a result. Walking the coast path along the area, we came across what looks like a Giant’s seat in granite stone. I can just picture the Giant sitting here admiring the land all around.

Huge granite seat located by the Celtic Sea in Cornwall at Cot Valley. I can just imagine a GIANT seated here overlooking the territory. Alvajoan of Cornwall on tour.

A few steps further along the path and the granite remains out to sea become visible. These are attributed with being a Giant or Charles de Gaulle and looks like he is having a nap … This was a blustery dry and sunny Sunday mid-February 2019 and it certainly was lovely!

View from Porth Nanven out to the giant at sea, aka Charles de Gaulle with his big belly! Churning a bit today with white froth along the coastline and waves pounding the shore. Day trip with Alvajoan in Cornwall.

As you drive down to Cot Valley aka Porth Nanven you pass some huge crevices in the sides of the hills. It is amazing that the hills stay there. My recent short film shows some details of this. You choose what you want to see and where you want to go with Alvajoan on day trips sightseeing. We can only recommend from experience and listening / reading Your requests and aim to delight. Email us with Your wishes!


I recently received a wonderful bunch of flowers and the lillies are flowering madly as a result of our mild weather.

Scented huge gorgeous white lily flower in bouquet I had recently is currently freshening up my house. There are another 9 buds to come. I am in paradise! Alvajoan of Cornwall enjoying nature. Day trips, sightseeing and tours.

They are gorgeous and so HUGE!

Middle of a flowering lily is pretty too with brown stamen and pistills against the large white flower petals. Beautiful. Looks so clean! Alvajoan on nature. Cornwall Tours sightseeing and day trips speciality.

A close up reveals the cleanliness with which these flowers display flowering.

Next, on a walkies with the dog, I found some old style daffodils along the common Cornish walls. They are fabulous and look good enough to eat!

Oldfashioned daffodils with smaller yellow petals inside the larger outers. For me, these are exquisite! Airport transfers with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

I couldn’t resist taking some photos up close as my camera does not do long distance very well.

Another daffodil where not the whole flower has gone yellow, but shares a flicker of light green too. Looks good enough to eat! Alvajoan natural Cornwall.

Not too shoddy I thought and took another …

The older daffodils with multiple petals to each flower head look like they could have been made from butter. Gorgeous! Here is a close up of one. Alvajoan day tripping.

This to me looks like an artist has worked with butter and created a rose like centre for these super daffodils.

With this, I wish you a healthy and happy week until next time.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to wait a whole week to hear/see from us there is always FB and Instagram.

See you soon.

Alvajoan of Cornwall.





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