Cornwall for every sense.

Use all 5 to sense Cornwall.

We are blessed with no less than 5 ways to sense Cornwall – sight hearing smell taste and touch – so why not use them! Let us take you by the hand and lead you through some coves of Cornwall. We’ll show you something to entice your every sense. Travelling down  narrow roads of Kernow we watch spring lambs romp around in the fields calling their mums. Hedgerows bordering the lanes filled with bright yellow flowering gorse and bluebells sprouting getting ready to announce the arrival of spring.

The scenic views of a beautiful cove along the Cornish coastline can stir deep emotions. In the cove below we watched seals play and frolic. We listened to the wave lapping and watched in awe.

Turquoise water of a Gwithian cove where seals played in the water. Visited on day trip with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

A woodland walk amongst ancient trees with mosses of all greens delighting might be just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing quite like the aroma in the woodland whether after rain or in sunshine.

The magic of trees in Godolphin woods where seemingly one tree grows together with at least one other in Cornwall UK covered in green moss from wet and moist surroundings. Day trip sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall.

Feeling the sand of the beach slipping between the toes & fingers … listening to waves and smelling the saltwater air.

Porthcurno sandy beach with turqouise waters and waves in Cornwall GB on day trip sightseeing with Alvajoan.

In Cornwall we have local ales, wines, chocolates, ice creams, artisan wares, make our own salt and so much more – all produced right here! As we pass a pasty shop or cream tea parlour, delightful aromas fill the air. Such a dream to sample these Cornish delicacies.

Outdoors in spring at home.

I have successfully mowed my lawn for the first time this year. It is surrounded by primroses, tulips and daffodils still. My lawn is full of mosses and I so like the colours I don’t want to remove them. In the spring sunshine they make my lawn look even more colourful. Everything appears more colourful and artists from St Ives to Lamorna and beyond in Cornwall are inspired by Mother Nature’s palette. It is enthusing.

Various greens with moss and lichens growing wild in woods in Cornwall. Found whilst out rambling with Alvajoan on day trip tour and sightseeing in Cornwall..

With a gentle breeze outdoors, washed clothes dry quickly on lines leaving loads of leisure time. I take a ramble to Penzance promenade and see the drilling tower is gone. It has been drilling for geothermal heating for part of the outdoor Lido jubilee pool due to open in the spring of 2019.

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