Cornish winter water sports.

Winter water sports in Cornwall.

Cornwall water sports goes on all year round. I often walk my dog around the coast watching surfers, paddle boarders and swimmers. My mind boggles! Are they coldblooded or brave? The windchill today in a light northerly breeze made our temperatures drop to just above freezing down the very southwest. Further north in our fair landscape there was frost and ice! What is even more impressive are people swimming regularly in the winter cold waters right now.

A friend of mine used to go out wintertime and chop a hole in the sea ice to hop in and have a swim. I called her crazy! She very rarely had colds or suffered ailments though so over the years I came to greatly admire her.

Cornish water sports on 2019 January 9th with a splendid view over Praa Sands with surfers sun rays streams and a bay looking like mirror glass. Still heavy with clouds above and the light wind is bitingly chilly. Wrap up warm and marvel at the brave or coldblooded surfers in the sea. Water sports surfing swimming sandy beaches and sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

This photo gives an idea of the regularly overcast skies in West Cornwall of late and the sunshine trying to get through! Sunshine puts a smile on my face any day! Whilst looking absolutely gorgeous, the gentle NORTHERLY breeze is absolutely BITING!

Nature in Cornwall right now.

Walking around locally I found these wonderful clovers or shamrock for our Celtic friends in Wales and St Patrick’s Day.

Wonderfully green clovers in the middle of our Cornish winter brings colour to a sometimes grey and dull scenery. Looking forward to St Patrick's Day with grand shamrocks. Tours sightseeing and day trips with Alvajoan in Cornwall and GB.

This certainly brought some wonderful green colour to a sometimes grey day! Waddling further along I also found this gorgeous Hebe in full flower. Amazing plants in our subtropical world which feels nothing like subtropical right now.

Wonderful flowering purple Hebe in the midst of light northerly biting winds early January 2019. Makes me happy with bright colours around. Sub tropical Cornwall provides this eye catching nature right now. Airport transfers Tours Day trips and Sightseeing with Alvajoan.


Our most popular Tour around Cornwall entails St Michael’s Mount and West Cornwall. I have put a link for You to connect d’reckly to it!

We provide annual Tours with limited seating during the year. In 2019, we shall have a Tour of South Wales in July.

This will be followed by a Tour of Cornwall also in July. Finally our ‘Piece de resistance’, 4 cities in 5 days Tour.

Just click on links to take you to the complete write up about each tour.

If you wish to reserve Your seat for any/all of OUR TOURS,  email us.

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