Cornish summer on the beach.

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Cornish beach in the summer time.

You just have to visit a wonderful sandy Cornish beach in Great Britain summer time. Build some sand castles, swim, catch a few rays and surf any which way you can. It has to be the very best Cornwall can offer and looks BEAUTIFUL!

Wonderful blue azur waters of the Atlantic aka Celtic Sea at the sandy Cornish beach of Sennen Cove in Cornwall GB may be confursed with Cote d'Azur in south France. Sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan can get you here!

I am all for an ice cream or two as well in the splendid sunshine and warm temperatures. When these photos were taken there was barely a breeze. Cooling down relied on getting in the water, drinking or eating ice creams. I’ll leave you to figure out where I was!

With 10 art hungry student charged with brushes and oils, they hit the beach hard. With loving care and generous tutoring, they produced their little miracles. Not wishing to leaves anybody’s painting out, I decided to photograph NONE. In photo below one can just see the harbour wall.

In the foreground a windshelter appears. Not sure why as it was pretty still. Mingling on the sandy Cornish beach are people of all ages, some white some tanned but all looking smiley and happy. Sun in gassing down on us and we are lapping it up. IT'S SUMMER in GB and Cornwall is loving it! Alvajoan too!

Aww, just a few more pic’s – they are so sweet.

Amongst the rocks seaweed and sand on a Cornish beach summertime I spy some artists attempting their best with oils and boards. On works day trip with Newlyn School of Art in Cornwall GB and Alvajoan of course.

Milling on Sennen Cove beach were swimmers bathers surfers painters and many more today. Super summer weather in Cornwall GB at the moment and we are all making the most of it with Alvajoan.

This was my first working day back after a week away. What a job! My whole face had a super big GRIN all over.

In the clouds.

Coming back from a week away, I flew back late evening and the sights caught my eye. Sunset is normally admired from the ground, but the sunset I caught sight of above the clouds was enthralling. With clouds whistling past underneath, the rays spread across the sheet of clouds beautifully. They still looked creamy fluffy and good enough to eat.

A solid looking cloud formation below us flying high to get back to Cornwall with a glint of sunshine on the left. Tours with Alvajoan can feel like this.

And then the sun came into view and this was it:

A phenomenon normally admired from land, sunset, I found gorgeous above the clouds and high up on a flight recently. On my way to day trip with Alvajoan in Cornwall of course.

These made my evening after stressing through Gatwick delayed by a false fire alarm call clearing out Traffic Control Tower at Heathrow – CHEERS whoever you were!

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