Cornish stiles in the landscape.

Rambling over Cornish stiles.

Walking the Cornish landscape we often come across stiles requiring us to mountaineer across them. This can be adventurous especially if the weather has been a little wet lately. Humidity in Cornwall is quite high most of the time and we get mosses and lichens growing madly everywhere. Looking through our photos I noticed that I have some of local ones, not necessarily the most prettiest, yet stiles they are.

Cornish stiles are commonplace along rambling and coastal paths to enable walkers access. This one has 4 granite steps and a fold-over wooden 'gate'. Enjoy your day trips sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall.

This beauty has granite stones for steps and a timber ‘gate’ up top. Maybe you recognise it? Photo was taken at a sunnier milder time of the year. Recently we have had moderate to strong winds from the north and it turned rather chilly. Yesterday we experienced rain, sleet and sunshine nearly resulting in ‘The Four Seasons’ or Vivaldi weather in one day. I am glad to say that today the sun came out instead but the wind remained cold. I put a short film from Penzance Prom this afternoon 28th October 2018 on our Facebook social media. Have a look for yourself!

A tiny stile leads to Sancreed Holy Well and if you don’t look carefully where you are going it is easy to miss.

Tiny Cornish stile with autumn leaves on the way to Sancreed Holy Well. Out and about with Alvajoan.

When I last visited recently it was rather overgrown, slippy and looked in need of some TLC. It still is pleasant to see decorated trees and wells with candles and flowers.

Seasonal colours.

Out on our daily walk, our dog and I, this marvellously coloured bush stood out. Colours of leaves varying from red, orange, auburn, brown, yellow, green and nearly see through. It looked ON FIRE! Absolutely fabulous and so timely too with Bonfire night coming up soon.

Cornish bush in countryside looking on fire with autumn leaves in wonderful HOT colours of red, orange, auburn, yellow, green and brown. A wonderful sight cheering us up in the chilly northerly winds of late. Tour with Alvajoan and discover true Cornwall.

Day trips, sightseeing and tours with Alvajoan.

Just because the weather is turning and Christmas getting closer does not mean tours and day trips sightseeing cannot be done! There are venues closing for the season at the end of October, but not everyone. Email us and book Your perfect private tours with Alvajoan. Local Christmas Lights are stunning!

See you soon.



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