Cornish older buildings.

Cornish older buildings.

I visited some Cornish older buildings in West Cornwall this week. St Winwaloe Church by Cornwall’s Lizard Peninsula was spectacular and for its’ placement, very tranquil. When I went there we were in the middle of storm Etienne and the sea got very frothy. The froth sprayed all along the coastline by the church and looked great fun. Many dogs chased these peculiar ‘froth-climps’ and had lots of enjoyment. I uploaded photos in a short video to our FB page and have put a link so you can find it easily. This church is not known as The Church of the Storms for nothing!

St Winwaloe Church plaque at the venue dating back to about 1332 AD. The Church is also known as The Church of Storms and is situated at top end of the Cornish Lizard Peninsula. Tour with Alvajoan and visit.

This plaque is on display at the venue and prettily inscribed on slate.

An Older Cornish building, St Winwaloe Church, with it's entrance door. A very serene and tranquil interior considering the placement of this church and the name. Day trips with Alvajoan can take you here.

As I entered the church I wondered what I might find with the name it had. Frankly, it was very serene and peaceful inside with decorations and pretty tuffets as is common in churches. In this area, filming took place for the Poldark series, based on Winston Graham’s books.

The Church face that greets you on arrival by road or on foot. Sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall GB.

This is the view that greets you on arrival to the dainty church at the top of Cornwall’s Lizard.

Another old feature in West Cornwall that I frequented recently was The Sloop Inn at St Ives. This fabulous old building reckons to have heritage back to 1332 AD. It still serves weary travellers with food, drink and sleep. I don’t think there is a straight wall near this building!

The Sloop Inn at St Ives dates from about 1312 AD and still provide food drink and sleep for weary travellers. Tour with Alvajoan and see these Older Cornish buildings in person.

Situated right by St Ives harbour area, the views are splendid. Mind the seagulls if you decide to eat anything outside. They are very proficient at acquiring Your food! On top of that, they are also protected so you cannot intentionally harm them even if they do steal your food.

2019 Tours.

15-19 July 2019: South Wales Tour – limited spaces.

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30th Sep to 4th Oct 2019: 4 cities Tour – absolute star!

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Have a splendid week and weekend 🙂

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