Cornish mining – a livelihood.

Cornish mining – starting again …

Traditionally Cornish mining as well as farming and fishing have put food on the tables. Various metals, found in Cornwall, have risen in value of late. It is looking increasingly likely that mining will once again take place here. Contents for lithium batteries may be available in good quantities in Cornwall. There are remnants from our mining industry littered everywhere in the Duchy. Many have been used in drama series like Poldark where they provide fitting and scenic backdrops to the original literary books by Winston Graham.

Botallack Engine House and stack by the coast with Celtic sea in background Pendeen Cornwall UK portrayed as Wheal Leisure in Poldark drama series and popular venue on tour of Cornwall.

It is important to stay on paths when rambling the Cornish countryside as there are many deep mine shafts about. Storms battering the coastlines of our county autumns and winter have also caused coastal paths to crumble and disappear. Always check your intended route locally before attempting to walk it. Rather safe than sorry! Inventions over mining years include the Man Engine a mechanised ‘ladder’ to help miners in and out of mines faster.

The Man Engine of today.

To commemorate Cornish mining, a giant mechanical puppet was created. His first steps were taken in Cornwall a few years ago but is coming back in 2018. He is called The Man Engine and details for this year can be found on website via the link. It is a very impressive sight to see The Man Engine stand up and walk so if you get a chance – GO SEE!

There is also a book available about The Man Engine which may be of interest.

Levant Mine Pendeen Cornwall UK aka Tressiders Rolling Mill in Poldark popular venue for Cornwall Tour by Alvajoan and remnant from Cornish mining.

Wheal Coates Cornish mining remains on Celtic sea coast figured in Poldark series and popular venue for Cornwall Tours by Alvajoan with scenic sea in background and heather covered moorland combining stunning colours.







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