Cornish magnolia in February.

Flowering Cornish Magnolia.

Cornish Magnolia exist in many colour variations and I found this beauty in full flower locally. The tree was loaded with similar ones. Beautiful!

White flowering magnolia with hint of pink and a bright yellow centre. Brightens the day in February 2019 especially compared to snow and temperatures we had in February 2018. Sightseeing on tours and day trips with Alvajoan.

I hopped out for a quick photo shoot with said tree situated in Helston as I passed. Every year this tree looks spectacular but it can be difficult to stop there. Here a photo of just a small part of the treetop against our blue sky.

Magnolia tree with loads of flowering magnolias. Splendid to see and spectacular to watch the arrival. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, some superb heather looked magnificent and amongst it – a bumblebee. I managed a short film of the event. For those that cannot view video / film, here’s a photo …

Bumblebee enjoyng flowering heather in the sunshine of a Cornish spring day in February 2019. Sightseeing with Alvajoan in Kernow.

It is a happy event to see flies, bees and bumblebees out and about. They do such great work with nature and so much more. Every year therefore I endeavour to plant flowers in my garden to attract insects. It is fascinating to watch them go about their day. Wandering around in Cornwall, I found more lovely signs that spring is here. So in short, it has arrived!

Bright white flowers with their 'faces' upturned to the sunshine. Lapping it up! Day trip with Alvajoan.

In one garden a grand bush with loads of buds and some slowly opening up were none other than Calla Lillies. Like the ones by Georgia.

Calla Lily about to burtst into bloom on a spring February day in 2019 in Cornwall. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

If you enjoyed this tour of local nature in Cornwall, do tune in again next week for more.

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