Cornish coast spring to summer.

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Spring and summer on Cornish coast.

As the Cornish coast evolve from spring to summer many things come alive and become little works of natural art. Foxgloves, fuchsias, white sea and pink campions, buttercups, hebe, thrift and sheep’s bits – the world is positively a coloured palette.

Accompanied by days of blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures, ice creams and cooling swims are often called for. Be careful when swimming in the sea as the calmest looking waters can be the most dangerous.

Sunshine makes me smile a lot more but can cause skin damage and worse. Protect your skin when outdoors a lot. A soothing and cooling breeze can prevent you from feeling the sun burn the skin. Reflections from sea waters along the coast can make sun rays reach you even when you think not.

Pale blue coast flowers by the drove in the spring. These are called Sheep's Bits and look splendid against the pink Thrifts in same places. Cornish coast line is resplendent with colours right now.

Penwith in South West Cornwall.

Working closely with Newlyn School of Art and their partner, the National Trust, we get access to areas not normally travelled by vehicles. In a recent productive group, we got to spend time at Maen Point in rugged cliff areas above Sennen Cove with marvellous views. Below, the long sandy beach was in full view with lots of water sports going on. Along the craggy coast, we spotted remains of shipwreck, marvellous cliff formations, scenery towards Land’s End. Behind our vehicles you can make out the monument on Cape Cornwall and chimney stacks from the tin mining coast. This area can be reached on foot following the coast path and has some magic to show everyone that gets up there.

One of Alvajoan's mini coaches on Maen Point cliff top not normally accessible by vehicles. Views in background to Cape Cornwall and tin mining chimney stacks as well as the bay of Sennen Cove of the Celtic Sea aka Atlantic. Working with Newlyn School of Art and National Trust has its' advantages.

This photo is from closer to Levant Mine on the Penwith tin mining coast.

Along the Cornish tin mining coast of Penwith there are remnants of Cornwall's heritage past with Levant mine as an example here. In photo the housing in better order thanks for National Trust caring for it.

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