Cornish Christmas swim.

Christmas swim in Cornwall from 2019.

A Christmas swim! Geothermal energies will be used to heat up parts of the Jubilee Pool in Penzance from next year. Certainly with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius in the heated area, this should prove Fabulous! We shall be able to have a spa day at the local Lido there for Xmas in 2019. I regularly swim in a local leisure facility where pool temperature is around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. It is delightful for joints and loosens muscles whilst swimming tones the body as only swimming can.

A super place for a Christmas swim. Here the view to Praa Sands Cove and the sea from Haulfryn Leisure Centre on a sunny overcast day in December 2018. Looking black white and bleak just before storm Deidre arrived. Tour Cornwall GB with Alvajoan for Your delight!

This view of the sea greeted me firstly after a recent swim. I believe we live in one of the most gorgeous places in Great Britain, Cornwall aka Kernow. From next year I shall have to give the Penzance outdoor pool a go or two!

Christmas Lights.

Switch on’s at Newlyn and Mousehole nearly went without a hitch! However, the lights at Angarrack amaze me. I have put a link so you can watch a short video from 2015 of 10 Lords a leaping. The crew of Solomon Brown (1981) are not forgotten as the years roll on. Every year they are remembered with dimming of Christmas lights.

Boating Lake in Helston.

After months of work, the boating lake in Helston looks great with refreshed paths around too as a result. I admired a cormorant preening itself on an upturned boat on the island in the lake.

On top of upturned boat sits a cormorant making self pretty in the winter chill of December 2018 at boating lake in Helston. Tour Cornwall and England with Alvajoan.

This scenery was quite serene with a weeping willow draping over the island consequently reflecting in the waters. It is nearly Christmas an no snow in sight down here as yet.

An island in the boating lake at Helston with gorgeous weeping willow tree hanging down over the upturned boat. Picturesque! Day trips with Alvajoan.

Instead we seem to have a lot of windy stormy wet weather. As a result, the upside to that are the splendid rainbows we see!

The end of a superb strong rainbow at Marazion Cornwall GB in December 2018. The whole of the rainbow was visible! Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

This beaut was at Marazion and I could see the whole bow. Absolute treat!

2019 Tours by Alvajoan.

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From all of us at Alvajoan of Cornwall to ALL OF YOU –





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