Cornish bluebells in April.

Cornish bluebells.

In April we often find the Spanish bluebells flowering earlier than the Cornish bluebells. Native bluebells I find are stronger and more prolific in their colours and stand out much clearer. With camellias dying down and magnolias in full bloom together with violets and more, the scenic views are splendid in spring.

A field of flowering native Cornish bluebells at Godolphin House Cornwall GB looks like a virtual blue sea with green top and bottom from grasses and leafy trees. Stunning to behold in the spring whilst on day trips with Alvajoan of Cornwall sightseeing.

This sea of flowering native bluebells was taken at Godolphin House. Long grasses and lush green leafy trees made a spectacular frame for the flowers. Of course, Poldark was filmed here at the house too.

Blue purple violet drenched in water droplets after the rain in cornish autumn.

Huge Magnolias in pinks flowering beautifully in Trengwainton gardens just outside Penzance. Another National Trust garden well worth a visit. Super cafe here too and good for comfort stop should you need to go. Day trips with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Ancient entrance doors to Godolphin House where Poldark was filmed stood ajar tempting you to explore the house and do some sightseeing in Cornwall on tours with Alvajoan.

Botallack Engine Houses by the coast with Celtic sea in background Penwith Cornwall GB portrayed as Wheal Leisure in Poldark drama series and popular venue on day trip or sightseeing tour of Cornwall.



April showers are often referred to and on my violet you can spy droplets.



Atmospheric Cornwall.

One can just imagine pirates cries by the coast whilst taking in the thickness of mist and fog of a morning some days. This photo was taken at Levant Mine in Penwith during the week. Within 5 minutes the scene was clear as a bell again.

Atmospheric photo of Levant Mine Penwith Cornwall GB on a misty foggy morning. Leaving thoughts and interpretations to You. Alvajoan on day trips and tours sightseeing in Cornwall.

Another day, the sun is shining and everything seem so bright.

Levant Mine Penwith Cornwall GB aka Tressiders Rolling Mill in Poldark popular venue for Cornwall Tour by Alvajoan and remnant from the Cornish mining industry. Day trip and visit with us.

Wherever you travel in Cornwall you will find remains of the mining industry with chimney stacks and more. The moorland with short shrubs and vegetation looks great with flowering heather.

Cornish mining venue along Celtic Sea coast of Cornwall. Visit Great Britain and take a day trip or tour sightseeing with Alvajoan and admire the scenic views.

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