Cornish Blue.

Cornish Blue butterfly.

A Cornish Blue butterfly followed me along the Cornish coast path yesterday. This beautiful butterfly is one I rarely see much off these days. Only small in size, this one struck me as especially sweet sitting on a flower enjoying the sun.

Cornish Blue butterfly found along Cornish coast path in May. Blue hues in strong suits make it remarkably stunning as it sits on flowers in the sunshine. Sightseeing in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

So just wandering around in the Cornish coastal landscape at the moment and delights are plentiful. Thrifts are in full bloom all-round and stand out with a range of pink colours. The occasional rain means grasses are lush and green. Trees are beginning to ‘leaf up’ again with fresh young pale green leaves. All in all, it is a joy to behold!

Thrifts in darker pink and full bloom make a spectacular show off on the Cornish coast right now! They appear in all shades of pink and their multi-flower heads make them look bigger than they are. Very impressive. Natural Cornwall with Alvajoan.

Today we visited Pendeen Lighthouse on the Penwith coast and I took a short video there. It can be found on our Facebook page – AlvajoanofCornwall. I look out over the Celtic Sea, aka the Atlantic, and sometimes see the Isles of Scilly in the distance. Not so today however as it was hazy on the horizon.

This little sweetheart may look like a blue thrift but is in fact a Spring Squill. Common on the coastline and thrives with the thrifts. If you come across wild flowers that you do not know, there is a spectacular site that may help. It is called Wild Flowers we have found walking the coast in Cornwall and Devon. My last photo today is from Cape Cornwall and a path less travelled there.

Scenic view over the Atlantic, aka the Celtic Sea, from Cape Cornwall with flowering pink thrifts in the foreground. The sea is deep blue on the day and the terrain lush and green around the cove. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan.

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