Confused Cornish nature.

Cornish confused nature.

Is Cornish nature confused? We are in early December 2018 and winter time but our daffodils appears to feel it is time to flower. These wonders were certainly on their way the other day when I walked the dog past them.

These are 3 confused Cornish daffodils as it is early December and winter but so warm they are thinking of flowering sometime soon! Crazy climate! Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

I shall be keeping an eye with them to see if they flower before Christmas now. Today I noted they had been joined by a couple of others! 🙂

Christmas 2018 is getting close.

We certainly find this when our famous Humphry Davy statue in Penzance get decorated with a festive Christmas Hat!

You know Christmas is nearing as our famous statue of Humphry Davy gets decorated with Christmas hat too. Day trips with Alvajoan.

I feel confident his head is kept warm as a result of this kind gesture. Dear sole discovered a number of chemical elements in his lifetime (1778-1829). He passed away in Switzerland. Wherever you are and whatever you do – HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS! It is not all about presents. Far more about family, togetherness, happiness, joy and sharing. Look after one another.

Cardiff Castle.

A month ago we went past Cardiff Castle and thought it looked very modern. Quite so! A lot of what is visible from the outside has been renovated in modern and more recent days. What doesn’t show from the outside are the rooms inside! They are spectacular! As a result, we decided immediately to include this castle in our 2019 South Wales Tour which runs 15th to 19th July next year. Like our other tours, we only sell 14 seats so don’t wait too long … or you may end up disappointed! Best way to book is by email as then there is no argument of who got in first! Your comfort, safety and enjoyment are all priorities drivers and escorts take great care with.

Here are some awesome photos from Cardiff Castle and the great Bute Park areboretum surrounding it.

Cardiff Castle looking very modern and clean in central Cardiff. Day trips with Alvajoan.

Walking around in Bute Park Arboretum surrounding Cardiff Castle in central Cardiff Wales UK this picture of trees and castle stone walls certainly looked great. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.Entry gateway to Cardiff Castle in central Cardiff, capital of Wales in the UK. Tour South Wales with Alvajoan.  Gate into Cardiff Castle situated in central Cardiff inside Bute Park Arboretum of beautiful trees and bushes loaded with squirrels. Modern looking walls. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

Cardiff Castle adorned clock tower pleasing to the eye with gold roman numerals and dials as well as figures in splendid colours. Gorgeous! Day tours with Alvajoan.

Close up on older remains inside Cardiff Castle in central Cardiff, the capital of Wales UK. Come touring with Alvajoan and visit this splendid venue.
Older remains of Cardiff Castle

Another side of Cardiff Castle clock tower figures, crests and clock. So delicately created. Tour with Alvajoan. Close up of Cardiff Castle clock tower clock, figures and crests on display facing road. Alvajoan on Tours.

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